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  • Metra, if U want we can turn the turn ;-) back... Well, there was no possibility for us to perform that common attack on the fleet on the different timing... It was after half of the time available and near before midnight. Today now it is the first moment I have a while for PC. I even wrote to you by game yesterday, asking for faster turn making but you probably did not log in and read it before our attack. If we decide to give the turn back, then U know the threat and will escape probably, but no big trouble, it's just a game, for me it's more important you feel the competition is clean. I asked few times to enable again the turn tracker, it would help a lot to coordinate the moves during the war time... Who can help with that? So what are we doing?


    • You are arrogant beside that you play unfair. How you can say that
      If we decide to give the turn back, then U know the threat and will escape probably
      I knew EXACTLY where Paragraf fleet was and I moved my fleet EXACTLY out of reach for it, so he cant hit me without double moving. It was going to be me hitting him with my planes, and it was going to be YOU losing that city where his fleet now is hiding.

      And what about the other wounded paragraf's fleet? What about them? they were all wounded and my fleet and fighters were going to destroy them all the next turn. paragraf run away in his chicken manner by doublemoving. What about this?

      You seem to me like a reasonable player and a person at all. Dont talk like paragraf, because you start to look like him to me

      Yes, this is only a game and thats why we play it by the rules. What pleasure is to break the rules and cheat? This way you tell all the other you are lesser player and cheating person, because you cant win normally and need to cheat to have any chance.

      I am playing the game, no big deal, but I have my opinion on you 2 already.
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      • Originally posted by 2metraninja View Post
        BTW, you have to thank PMB and Rakird we still play the game - they were the only two who did not concede to me

        I dont need to thank because i wanted to end this game either by conceding to you, or by winning by religious victory. I still want to end the game. I dont have time to argue about who is right. It is not worth my time. If you know anyone who can substitute me, please contact him with me. I will give him my pass.

        This game was for a long time determined. I dont like such a games. For me it was challenging to make 2nd best nation form the worst when i had started.

        The last word from me about your late for THAT turn. It seems you dont know how turn timer works in CIV4 pitbosses. It shows the time till the end of turn, not the time which has passed. Your 14.45 had to be the time till the end of turn. I made mine also about this time. Next time i will make the screen.
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        • If you know anyone who can substitute me, please contact him with me. I will give him my pass.
          Brilliant. Just brilliant. The tenth time you are threatening to quit the game when someone is accusing you of cheating. What is the chance they are all wrong every single time and you are right every time? I would think you are 14-years old by your acting.

          No matter what happened, you are still a toast. I already have opinion on you and you are really wasting your time trying to excuse yourself after all you've done. I consider you dishonest and will act accordingly from now on.

          Sadly for you, you will not come second in the game at all.

          Just game on.


          • Sorry. I pressed pause. Accidentally i clicked DAN with ALT, and we have useless war with confusing teleports. We must reload the turn. Sorry.
            I also decided to quit this game. If you want to continue the game please find a substitute. I cannot stand all your invectives. Some kind of culture is expected even if something is not as you wish.

            Sadly for you. You have almost lost this game despite your extreme power. Only 1 vote of about 400 decided. Your style of play is miserable. You have given to Alex all your cities with Taoism to disable me religious victory. I think it is real cheat. You should rather spread my religion to avoid the lost. :P

            (This was my last post in this thread.)


            • C'mon paragraf, relax man. It's not the end of the world as we know it...
              Let's play, dont quit know. That would not be professional. beside, we Poles like to fight to the bitter end, so dont change our national stereotypes now...
              All sides want to win, and sometimes in hurry, we may cross the line... no big deal to make mistakes.
              Everyone does. Let's correct it and have fun again.
              Since the game is paused, I propose lets go back 2 or 3 turns to that crucial moment and play it again right...
              You move, metra move, then you, then he.. and so on.
              Let's give ourselves chance to play it right.


              • Yes, I was also for the reload, I didn't know that Metra is aware of Paragraf's fleet.


                • Guys, this is enough for me...

                  I play Civ to have fun, this game has had since the start, in almost every conflict, a lot more than in game conflict.
                  This thread is full of arguments and discussion.

                  After this last page of forum discussion, this is the 2nd night in a row where i try to play my turn and i cant because paragraf pauses the game.
                  The timer changed from 20 something hours to 13 or 14 or whatever.
                  Its nothing casual, and depending of the time the game is "unpaused" i may lose this turn.
                  Since the host is also not caring about the game and we have no civstats to monitor the game logins and turn ends, it becomes a complete mess.

                  If the intention is to end the game.. well for my part congratulations, i'm sick and tired of all this.

                  I wont log again to this game.

                  You all have my email if you want to talk.




                  • Game paused?

                    Hello to all,

                    Well it makes me sad playing this game for months and now people start complaining about what? metra said he will play last, so i dont see the confusion about it.

                    Lets keep it rolling.

                    Paragraf if you want to quit Press ALT+Q and that will do, to all the others, lets end this game, or it will feel that the last months of play were useless, and the game shouldn't be killed in the most interesting part...

                    I'll unpause the game now and play my turn.



                    • I am also for playing, now it's really interesting cause not a lot of pitbosses end in the modern times.


                      • I said - Just game on. I will play - no matter if we reload or not.

                        I was in the game and I saw that few people did their moves. Paragraf moved some of his units and paused the game again. I dont know whats this for. If he wants to play, just play. If he dont want to play anymore - Rakird is right - Alt+Q will solve all our problems.


                        • Game Pausing

                          Paragraf, as i said before, if you don't want to play just retire please, don't pause the game for the others.

                          I logged today and the game was paused again, i don't see the point on doing it.

                          Stay or leave, it's your choice, but let us have some fun please.



                          • Sad ending game

                            Well 1st of all, let me thank you all of you that played the game with fair playing and made me have some fun as well, i really enjoyed it, was a good fun for some months.

                            Concerning the game ending, i'm really sad that people that feel they cannot win, just quit or worse: stop doing turns.
                            The game should be played till the end (when one of the ingame goal is achieved!) so the people that quit in the mean time, or stall the game for others, i think it's really sad and a lack of respect for the time we all invested playing it.

                            I've pressed ALT-Q today, as no one seems to be doing the turns.

                            I won't play another pitboss with some of the people i played in this game ever again.

                            Thank you for the well spent time to the real fans of civilization pitboss, the ones that play to the end, no matter the score.

                            Regards to all,


                            • Hmmm, it's a pity Rakird, I would like still to play. I was just 3 days out of home on the Easter holiday, now I am back and eager to play. So what is the status? Any one else still playing?


                              • Originally posted by Dan76PL View Post
                                Hmmm, it's a pity Rakird, I would like still to play. I was just 3 days out of home on the Easter holiday, now I am back and eager to play. So what is the status? Any one else still playing?
                                Hey Dan, its sad yes, paragraf paused the game all the time and is not doing turns, metra is trying to get us a rollback and kick paragraf, then we play, but the admin is gone no one can reach him.