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  • Originally posted by mzprox View Post
    What needs to be decided is where to build our next city and when.
    The next city should be the bronze city and the when should be ASAP. It won't be very long until those barb warriors turn into barb spearmen and axemen and then we are royally ****ed so I would make that the priority over everything else. Also, any movement on the Inca power graph? They've had a lot of time since hooking up bronze plus we know they have archery while we don't.
    Try for discussion and debate.


    • Agreed, site near copper.


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        we won near horse city, but lost much hp. Until diomedes is healing up apollo should stay near.
        an other barb approaches apolyton, so i guess we should send the central guardian back while the current defender can move onto deer (he needs two turns to heal up and I gave him woodsmanI)
        Right now i put two scientist specialist to work in aurora and started on a settlers, but we can change this if necessary.

        Btw we don't know if Inca has archery or not, but it's unlikely they have. But we could consider it. I can't say when we can finish an other settler and we haven't decided on the copper city's place. if the bronze will be in the city's second ring then it's quite long till we can hook it up ). On the powergraph they have the same strength as us. Our food and production levels are similar, but we have much better GNP.
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        • Could we have a zoom out shot of Belle in larger perspective. Belle is some distance south now and surely we might be meeting another civ, if there is one in this direction.

          Should Belle, when healed, continue exploring south or head north and fog bust.
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          • Hmm, Mz is right. We saw the UU for the Inca which in Civ4 is warrior based; I was thinking Civ5 which has slingers which are archer based. My mistake.
            Try for discussion and debate.


            • Based on inputs I changed the production in Aurora to worker and the settler will be produced in the capital so we can get the copper faster. (I wanted to build either the "oasis" or the "fur" city first)
              I will post a picture of Belle next turn, but there is nothing interesting so far. He is at 0.8 strenght, let's hope we won't met an other panther anytime soon.
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              • I guess not more to say. When is the pig pasture finished now so as to move to the horses.
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                • sry for the lack of update, I don't have too much time now. I took a quick look, nothing interesting happened. will finish turn tomorrow.


                  • Mz,

                    took a look around: all is fine.

                    One thing though:

                    * I would set one less scientist in Aurora. Now the worker is finished in 9 turns, when working the cow it becomes five turns (exchange 3 science for 4 food and 2 hammer). The great scientist will then appear 7 turns later.

                    * Then we can build the next settler quicker. This is needed to quickly build the copper and the fur city.
                    * Furthermore: when is the first chariot planned?

                    PS. I take it the worker on the hill near Apolyton will make a mine there?
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                    • BTW Did we offer open borders to the Inca?


                      • I'd like to rush for the first great scientist. Once we have the academy we will get 8-10 more science. But I will balance this out somehow (so we get the worker sooner).
                        The worker will go to build mines for port Boreas, it's more needed there.
                        No open border is offered yet, I think we should first make a diplo arrangement out of game.


                        • The next worker from Aurora can go to the hill near Boreas.. otherwise you lose unnecessary worker turns..

                          (and yes I do like to build the mine near Boreas .. I have been it's advocate for some time now )

                          And considering the Inca's:

                          I really think we either need to increase our diplo efforts, or offer an open borders agreement.
                          If they do not accept we must be prepared.. so it's better to know asap where they stand.

                          perhaps someone else wants to write a story for the story thread..


                          • I know we lose worker turns, but we wouldn't need that mine for the capital for long. Boreas on the other hand should really finish the library asap


                            • I know that.

                              But on the one hand we are building the bare minimum of workers, and on the other we keep losing worker turns.
                              As we say in Holland "we might need some more flesh on our bones".

                              And the mine in the capital gives a lot more fine tuning options. Right now we are working two forest tiles (2H1F) ...


                              • PS. I have the feeling our playing styles are diverting a bit from this point forward..