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    Ottoman Apolyton [email protected]

    Incan German [email protected] FRIENDLY - Peace till turn 150
    Aztec CivPlayers [email protected] trying to contact
    Zulu Spanish [email protected] trying to contact

    Holy Rome


    Communication with the Incas:
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    Communication with the Zulu:
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    Communications with the Aztec:
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    Our mail to Inca / CivDe:

    Bellerophon adresses the first Incan citizens he meets:

    "Let me say it is a pleasure for me to be here near the sacred Gondar mountain and meet your proud civilization. Such a sacred place must surely be a good sign. It is a particular pleasure that we should have this meeting with your elders because we heard many stories about the Incan spirit of scientific curiosity, your beautiful works of art and your economical ability.

    We like to develop our civilization side-by-side with yours and start a fruitful relationship which brings mutual progress. Furthermore we like to safeguard regional security and stability, and promote trust and coordination between the Incan and Apolytan nations. "

    His scribe tries his best to translate Bellerophon's word into the diffcult Incan tongue:

    "Lassen Sie mich sagen, es ist mir ein Vergnügen, hier zu sein in die nähe der heiligen Berg Gondar und Ihre stolzen Zivilisation kennen zu lernen. Zo ein heiligen Platz kann nur Gutes bedeuten..

    Es ist mir eine besondere Freude, dass wir diese Konferenz haben, da wir viele Geschichten gehört haben über den wissenschaftlicher and neugieriger Geist der Inkas, ihre schönen Kunstwerke und ihre wirtschaftliche Fähigkeit. Wir möchten unsere Zivilisation Seite an Seite entwicklen mit Ihren und wir hoffen dass wir eine fruchtbare Beziehung starten, die gegenseitigen Fortschritte bringt.

    Darüber hinaus möchten wir die regionale Sicherheit and Stabilität vergrößern und Vertrauen und Koordinierung zwischen unseren beiden Nationen voranbringen. "


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      Reply from Inca:

      The Incan people have listened with pleasure and relief to the well-spoken words of Bellerophon, the great Apolytan hero.
      He speaks words of wisdom, which sound nicely in our ears..
      We did not dare to expect to meet neighbors so well versed in the arts of diplomacy and look forward to the time where a fruitful relationship between our great nations will help us both to escape the dark ages and bring prosperity to us all.
      As a sign of mutual trust we kindly ask for the permission to send one of our people to your homelands in a peaceful mission.
      He will show you the respect which you showed to us and after his return by the shoreline he shall tell us of the many wonders and accomplishments your nation will surely have built by then.

      Das Inka-Volk lauscht mit Freude und Erleichterung den wohlgewählten Worten von Bellerophon, dem grossen Held von Apolyton.
      Er spricht Worte der Weisheit, die unsere Ohren erfreuen.
      Wir haben es nicht zu hoffen gewagt, Nachbarn zu treffen, die so diplomatiegewandt sind und schauen auf eine Zukunft, in der eine fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit unser beider Völker helfen wird, den dunklen Zeiten zu entkommen und uns allen Wohlstand zu bringen.
      Als ein Zeichen gegenseitigen Vertrauens erbitten wir höflich die Erlaubnis, einen unseres Volkes auf eine Friedensmission an eure Grenzen zu entsenden.
      Er wird euch den Respekt erweisen, den ihr uns erwiesen habt und nach seiner Rückkehr entlang der Küste wird er uns von den vielen Wundern und Errungenschaften erzählen, die eure Nation sicherlich bis dahin gebaut hat.


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        Logical request, but not in our interest.. we can try to refuse it kindly or allow it, but asking some favor in return. I don't think we put ourselves in danger, I think we should be more interested settling the land west and south. By the time their warrior reach our border our capitol's border will expand one more ring (in 10 turns).
        I think we should start talking about splitting the land equally between our capitals, so no settling race is required: that way they may choose to expand in other directions first.

        btw we should ask them if we could write english only, if it's not a big trouble.


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          Maybe just ignore their request to visit our homelands.
          Ignoring is better then rejecting.

          We can of course as well just send them a useless: "you're welcome to visit us" as well, without handing out directions.
          Now we have seen that they are capable to communicate in english, we can as well drop the german translations.
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            Originally posted by Robert Plomp View Post
            We can of course as well just send them a useless: "you're welcome to visit us" as well, without handing out directions.
            Yeah, let's invite them politely without giving directions.

            Also I think we should consider making some agreements (not urgent, but sometime):
            -not spending espionage points on each other above some points
            -border treaty, so we don't need to expand rapidly in that direction.
            -non aggression pact obviously. But we should leave the possibility of future war ofc.
            -we should think about how to establish trade routes as soon as possible


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              * Let's do one more German translation, just to be courteous..

              It isn't a hard effort on my behalf, and it could win some easy goodwill..
              Their choice of words does indicate they liked the tone of our previous mail..

              * Agree with all the above points.

              * Robert, if you want I can translate any letter you as Chief Diplomat can whip up..
              Let your diplo experience shine

              You could throw in something of the legend of Bellerophon, and his succesful search for Pegasus. (which may give them the idea we have horses already..)


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                Some points:
                does that imply they have writing or anticipate it shortly.
                can we ask for a reciprocal peaceful mission if so?.
                Is their idea of a peaceful mission just to see our city boundaries or a full exploration. We would have difficulty further exploring Inca territory without 'open borders'
                From their wording I suspect an exploratory mission just like ours for them to see where we are and the land between us. Hence the 'return via the shoreline' comment.

                So also clarification is needed. This would avoid dispute and confusion. But I think we should avoid a Sommer style agreement at this stage.
                On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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                  Also these views, communications etc, should be copied into a separate (Isabella/Inca) diplomacy thread.

                  It should also feature in the first posts, factual characteristics of the Civ combo and our initial assessments.
                  On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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                    Also these views, communications etc, should be copied into a separate (Isabella/Inca) diplomacy thread.

                    It should also feature in the first posts, factual characteristics of the Civ combo and our initial assessments.
                    Go ahead Hercules, you can make threads yourself


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                      Can our diplo department whip up a letter??

                      We really need to answer them..


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                        I'll write a letter.
                        Regarding deals and offers, I suggest that we do not make too many deals too early, let's just invest in good relations first, and discover their lands in the meantime. Maybe we make deals now we regret later.
                        Formerly known as "CyberShy"
                        Carpe Diem tamen Memento Mori


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                          Sounds good.
                          Try for discussion and debate.


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                            I think a border treaty and non-aggression pact would be important to get. Remember, the hope here is to lock down someone into a longterm alliance. The more we can solidify that relationship the better.
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                              A (rough) border agreement is in the interest of both parties. Then we can grow in the other direction first (as we intend to do). So IMO this agreement is very important to reach.

                              I would tell them we are somewhere in the west. So I prefer to make a certain y-axis the border (we can later adjust this a bit to a NE-SW border)..

                              But let's exchange one more letter before we go into this topic..