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New Earth Map Diplogame (Diaspora of Afroasiatics?) - [Planning Thread] Discuss Ruleset, Map etc.

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    I actually have continually desired to play a recreation with EVERY civ represented. I suppose this can balance prety nicely in case you region Ottomans in Turkmenistan, Dutch in Indonesia, Portugal in Brazil, USA on east coast of USA, and Babylon/Sumeria in Australia. That thins out Europe a chunk and leaves every nook of the sector fairly densely populated and aggressive.

    Anyhow, desire there may be some interest on this idea as I suppose it would be a virtually cool to play an MP game that truly sort of mirrors the actual global.

    Another concept is to lesson restrictions on war and civ destroying but deliver every civ a few exact defensive devices early on. Thinking some in keeping with-promoted CG3 explorers (traditional ones that can not attack) will be an awesome idea as they could be excellent defense early on and might only pass obsolete once oldsters should be a ways enough alongside to guard on their personal (in a shorter sport, civs getting eliminated is not so horrific in my view).Sarkari Result Pnr Status
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