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New Earth Map Diplogame (Diaspora of Afroasiatics?) - [Planning Thread] Discuss Ruleset, Map etc.

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    that sounds well


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      Since DoB is ending within two days, do we plan on making this game a reality? I'm going to miss playing in a diplogame, so I hope we don't have to wait too long before we get a new one!
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        So now that DoB is officially over, we can discuss this game with more focus. He is what I am going with so far in terms of the game.

        1. All Civilizations -( Non played Civs will be AI)
        2. APT Mod (The Mod that automatically restricts doublemoves)
        3. Fast Speed (or Normal... we can discuss this)\
        4. Measured War - (No elimination of Civs by human players, including the AI Civs) no other restrictions on combat.
        5. Same Mods from DoB
        6. Reduce the number of resources, particularly the ones linked to culture production in the Corporations
        7. Close the Greenland "gap" that allowed early New World settlement


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          I for one am a big fan of all civs being present.

          My preference would be normal speed. On fast you miss a few turns while out of town and a lot can happen.

          Why close the greenland gap if all civs are enabled? And to be honest it is impossible to really close as there are other ways to make the jump (for example Africa to Brazil). I would instead suggest making it navigable from the get go.


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            Update on the new Diplogame (DoA)

            A. Possible Names for the game:

            1. Diplomacy of Ages
            2. Dawn of Antiquity
            3. Diaspora of Ancients

            B. Game Format:

            I am almost sad to say this, but with the newest updates and especially with the new expansion "Brave New World" (BNW), I have finally started playing Civ 5 after putting it aside in disgust four years ago. With the updates and upgrades (especially the new Pitboss upgrade), I am finding Civ 5 to be simply better and Civ 4 is feeling dated now when i try to play it. More and more I am thinking that i will finish up the Civ 4 games i am in, and finally put Civ4 away for good in favor of Civ 5.

            So I am now planning to do the Diplogame pitboss on BNW instead of BTS. I will post a thread in The Civ 5 forum soon and post links to there in this thread. I would still love to hear thoughts in the meantime.


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              A link to a Civ 5 Diplogame planning thread on Civfanatics:


              Maybe we can all consolidate? It will make for a larger game . If this is legitimately I will start a proper thread in gthe Civ V forum over here with links...stay tuned.


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                I'm not too happy with the decision to go to CiV over CIV, as I believe CIV has better dynamics (particularly the culture) than CiV. However, I am game since I miss diplogaming a lot after DoB.

                Is there any progress, Sommerswerd?


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                  I am upgrading my compys. Hopefully this will cut down on Pitboss crashes. I have been very busy lately, but I have not given up the plan to host a Civ 5 Diplogame. I am thinking about whether to use thepopular GEM (Giant Earth Mod) for BNW or to just use the Earth Map generator that is already installed. The main difference is that the Earth Map generator uses random start locations instead of TSL (True start location ie Vikings start in Scandanavia, etc)

                  I was also thinking about whether to host an "all DLC game to include as many of the new civs as possible, or to maximize peoples ability to participate by just using vanilla BNW. Thoughts?

                  Hey Cal, have you ever tried out Sweden in BNW? They are one of the new playable Civs!! Awesome!

                  Also, if anyone else wants to host I would be fine with that too and I would definitly be interested in playing. I don't have to be the host all the time .

                  EDIT: I just thought of a new name for the game if it ever gets off the ground so I wanted to write it down so I don't forget- "Descendants of Atlantis"
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                    I have started working on this again... seriously. I drafted a ruleset and I am posting it here so I don't lose it. Notice that I am going for a simpler streamlined ruleset for a more standard "straight-up" game. I am trying to make the Diplovotes aspect a much more simplified and straightforward "bonus" rather than a whole rule-structure. Anyway, Now I will start working on getting a server set up and testing out hosting Civ 5 Pitboss. If that works I will set up a Civ 5 forum thread and start inviting folks to the game. For now I just need to post this ruleset somewhere so it doesn't get lost or forgotten. Of course comments are welcome (if anyone is still reading/checking this thread)
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                      Descendants of Atlantis (DoA) - Diplogame


                      Civ V BNW all DLC
                      No Mods
                      Huge Earth (random resources, terrain and start locations)
                      High resources
                      Up to 22 civs
                      Up to 46 City States
                      Raging Barbs
                      Deity AI
                      Quick speed

                      A. Diplogame
                      1. At the beginning of each month we vote on who has posted the best stories/been the best Diplogamer. Everyone has a total of 5 points to allocate however they choose. The only exception is that you cannot vote for yourself or any Civ you are subbing. There will be a one-time special vote at the end of the first week to select the first “Overall Diploscore leader.” After that, votes are monthly.
                      2. Overall Diploscore leader – After the vote the overall leader may announce 1 World Wonder that they “reserve” for the month.
                      3. Monthly Diploscore leader – After the vote the monthly leader may announce 1 World Wonder that they “reserve” for the month. If the monthly leader is the same as the overall leader, they may reserve 2 World Wonders. Note that there is no “Monthly leader” for the first month, there is only an “Overall leader”
                      4. No one else may complete that Wonder, until after the end of that month. It is OK for others to start building the Wonder, but not to complete it. If you are close to completing a “reserved” Wonder you must switch to build something else until the “reserved” month ends. This means that there will be a short period at the beginning of the month, where anyone can complete any Wonder.
                      5. Monthly Voting is by public post in the monthly thread – Anyone can start the monthly thread starting on the 1st of the month). This is so voting is not delayed waiting for an Admin to do it. Voting is open for the 1st week of the month and at the end of that week anyone can add up the votes and announce the winner. This way, the winners do not have to wait for an admin to “announce” they won before “reserving” their Wonders. If there is some legitimate dispute on the votes the Admins will resolve as they see fit.
                      6. When the World Congress/UN is built, all thread voting ends and votes are done through the World Congress. You should continue to give votes in-game for “World Congress Host” based on Diplogame performance/storytelling, but you can take ordinary World Congress concerns into consideration for the other votes.

                      B. General

                      1. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t cheat or use obvious exploits. Don’t communicate with Civs you haven’t met in game. Don’t use doublemoves in War or when declaring War. Keep in mind that this is a Diplogame and don’t intentionally try to ruin the fun of another person. That means that eliminating and/or crippling other Civs should be avoided. That also means that you must accept occasionally losing cities, capitals, Wonder races, units, battles etc, as part of the game. Do not ruin the game for everyone by quitting just because things did not go your way.
                      2. When rules are broken there will be a reload to fix it if possible. If a reload can’t fix then Admins must decide how to handle. Admins must resolve any other legitimate issues that arise.

                      C. Civs

                      1. Anonymous – Hosted on Apoly w/ Anonymous accounts (on your honor)
                      2. Get subs for absence or ask another civ to sub for you
                      3. Permasub (20+turns) must reveal status to other Civs. At 40+ turns Civ is kicked to AI until a sub is found

                      D. Admins

                      1. 3 person Admin panel
                        1. (Host +2)
                          1. Not allowed to interact directly w/each other (besides Admin duties) (no trades, alliance, etc)
                          2. Exceptions- allowed to have wars, embassy & open border w/each other

                        2. All admin decision by the +2 consensus
                          1. Host is only involved as tiebreaker
                          2. If an admin drops out remaining admin makes decisions alone until replacement admin is chosen (if at all)

                      2. Admin decision is final. Please accept it and carry on.


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                        I would prefer Normal speed over Quick - especially for a diplogame. Yes, Epic/Marathon is way too much - but a normal speed game should be completed in a year (as it's highly unlikely we would play out all 500 turns), give or take a few months, provided people play their turns faithfully and the timer is set to a sensible turn pace. Other than that, I like the ruleset!


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                          Hey guys, been busy lately with work and some projects of mine (making some websites - will send you links for criticism when they are actually ready lol)

                          I like much better the simple ruleset. You know that I prefer simple rules and was not happy with the last diplogame complicated rules.

                          I cant really comment on the other setings - the reserving for wonders and the number of civs/city states, just like the deity AI, as I barely played half a game on Civ5 when it first came out, so I will have to rely on you in this. Quick speed is OK by me. Yes, slower development gives more RL time for diplomacy and storytelling, but if civ5 is anything like civ4, then quick speed helps with keeping the wold peace. Soldiers obsolete much quicker, attackers and militarists are at disadvantage and the defenders have bigger chance of surviving - something which was always an issue in diplogames and we tried anything to try and regulate it with rules.


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                            Just checking for any updates here re mp of any kind.
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                              Hello! For anyone who is interested, I am trying to start up a new diplogame in the vein of the games played here. It will likely be in Civ 5 or 6, but we are definitely open to making it work with whoever is interested.

                              If interested, or if you know someone who might be, please spread the word. It is more difficult than it used to be to drum up interest.


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                                For anyone who comes across this, it looks like the main organizing thread will be here:
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