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Beyond the Pit [Pitboss Diplomacy Game] [Organization Thread II]

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  • Beyond the Pit [Pitboss Diplomacy Game] [Organization Thread II]

    This is the Second Organization Thread for the Pitboss Diplomacy Game: Beyond the Pit

    Use the Story Thread for in-game purposes.

    Important links:
    CivStats for this game
    gmail login for this game

    Story Thread Part 1 (July-August)
    Story Thread Part 2 (September)
    Story Thread Part 3 (October)

    Organisation Thread (Part 1)
    Organisation Thread (Part 2)
    Organisation Thread (Part 3)

    LOGOUT (to login with your real or pitboss account)


    You can mail to the following mail-addresses:

    if mail is down use the alternate address:

    [civname] (instead of [[email protected])


    Every 1st day of the month we will start voting for the best players in 3 categories during the last month.

    We vote in 3 categories:
    1. story telling
    2. diplomacy
    3. military strategy

    We send in a top-3 list for every category.

    Story telling is about submitting interesting stories to the story thread in any format.

    Diplomacy is about being able to reach your goals through diplomacy in any way.

    Military strategy is about making very tactical strategical moves and decisions. (make sure you post evidence about this in the story thread!)
    NB: this category isn't meant only for the war-winners. Someone can lose a war because he's a weaker player, but made some brilliant moves. In this thread we can award him for that. The game-scorelist will reward players for winning wars.

    Every player is free to pick 3 players in every category. No more! Less (or none) is possible if you can't choose. It would be cool if you could include reasons for the vote.

    Rules for voting:
    1. send them in before the end of the month!
    2. votes send in after the end of the month do not count
    3. players who didn't vote in a specific month will not gain vote-points for that specific month
    4. voting happens through the anonymous mail address
    5. votes stay unknown till the end of the game (to avoid political votes)
    6. votes are being send to [email protected] or [email protected]
    [email protected] also works.
    7. The mail subject includes "votes round x"
    8. You can't vote for yourself
    9. The vote-mailbox that receives all votes will remain closed till the game has been finished. Then we will all receive the password and be able to read/count the votes and read the comments.

    The #1 in each category earn 3 points, #2 earns 2 points, #3 earns 1 point.

    This will result in 4 scorelists (3 above mentioned categories + the gamescore list)

    All players will receive points for their position in all of these 4 lists. 18 points for the #1's, 17 points for the #2's, ...... 1 point for the #18's

    The sum of these points tells us who won this game.

    Conclusion, the winner is determined by:
    25% gamescore
    25% story telling
    25% diplomacy
    25% military strategy



    - 15 tech trade rule
    Every civilization in this game is allowed to trade away 15 techs. It is also allowed to trade away the right to trade a tech to another civilization.
    It matters not what the away trading civilization gets in return. It matters not if it is a small technology (ie. fishing) or a big technology (ie. Fusion).

    If civ A trades Philosophy to civ B which returns both Monotheism and Masonry, then Civ A loses 1 right to trade a tech away (tech voucher) and Civ B loses 2 rights to trade a tech away (2 tech vouchers).

    If Player A trades away Philosophy to civ B which returns the right to trade away a tech, then Civ 1 loses and wins 1 tech voucher (thus: the nr of techs he can trade away remains the same) while Civ B loses 1 right to trade away a tech.

    If Civ A gives Theology to Civ B, then Civ A loses 1 right to trade away a tech (loses 1 tech voucher).

    - 6 hours time between moving during war-time
    Civilizations that are at war have to wait 6 hours between their moves. When all opponents have moved before those 6 hours have passed the player can move as again well.

    Thus, a civ at war can move after:
    - 6 hours have passed since his last move
    - all his opponents have moved after his last move

    If any civilization violetes these rules the game will be paused and the concequences will be decided.
    If damage has been done then the game will be reloaded back to the last available save on the Pitboss Server. The Pitboss Server saves every turn and keeps all saves till the game has finished.

    Possible penalties, besides loading the last save are:
    - removing all or a % of the votes the violator receives in a certain month or all months in a certain category or all categories
    - The loss of tech vouchers (a few or all)
    - removed from the game
    - a warning

    This depends on the seriousness of the violation, which is not only determined by the damage being done but also by the reasons and attitude of the violater.'
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    When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah

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    what is the barb level set on?


    • #3
      Good question Japan, it is a little ridiculous that the barbs are able to attack Maya and I with such strength eminating from what seems to be one city.

      Also; do we start voting now?


      • #4
        neighbour back. neighbour be workink very hard. not have much time for diplomatiks or other. will change soon.

        I hope this will not go for very long, if you think you will be missing turns, please find a sub.


        • #5
          didn't we say we were going to lower the timer too so people stop abusing it?


          • #6
            No lowering the timer.
            Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

            When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


            • #7
              The idea is not to lower the timer but to have all the players accountable. In Russia's case he said he is back now, but seeing that he keeps on missing his turns worries me too. I hope everything is alright?

              Also some players keep on not pressing the enter when they take their turns. Please be more careful and try to press enter.


              • #8
                The only reasonable time to lower the timer to would be 12 hours so we can get two turns in, but since that is such a dramatic change from the 24 hour timer it isn't really fair to everyone who agreed on 24 hours.

                I think it was stupid to agree on these time changes ahead of time though, but I wasn't around so it doesn't matter.

                But I digest, and in doing so agree with Toni. We can't change the timer, and I don't know that its the best idea, I think as long as people make a concerted effort to get one turn done per day we'll eventually get on a good schedule where turns finish well within that 24 hour period (I think we had one turn go in 15 hours, which is pretty close, if not lower, than what you want Toni).

                Now don't get me wrong, I would love a lower timer because I have a lot of time on my hands right now. But I think the timer should remain at what its at, now if we see abuse (and by abuse I mean people who just aren't taking turns with no excuse, people who are missing consecutive turns etc.) then perhaps we should take action towards that specific player.

                I still think the biggest problem we have here are too many players but, again, there's nothing we can do about that at this point.

                Although, I may be conquered by the barbarians soon, so that will free up a slot.


                • #9
                  There's something I don't understand.
                  There are two things that I do every day.

                  I wake up
                  I go to bed

                  That's at least two moments per day that I can play my turn.
                  While going to bed (brushing teeth, washing, changing clothes, etc.) I turn on my computer, start civ, login on to the game and play my turn.

                  That hardly takes any time since I just do it while 'going to bed'.

                  Same thing in the morning.
                  I wake up, turn on pc, grab some bread and tea, wash myself, start civ, eat my bread, start the game, etc.

                  So I can really not understand why some people sometimes can't play for more then 40 hours....!
                  It's not as if finishing your turn takes you 30 minutes.

                  But maybe there's something I don't understand....
                  This is not to criticise people, maybe it's a good idea for some!

                  @Maya / Korea: you're being overrun by barbarians? Build more units, position them on some hills round your cities. Make sure that there's as little as possible 'unshrouded' territory. Then barbarians don't pop-up.

                  Maybe focus less on building wonders and more on building defenders.

                  If you're in huge problems Sparta can always send some soldiers at your aid. They're not very expensive


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                    @Piercia / Oldonia: I'll post the next episode in our story soon.


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                      If I am at home I will play. But I'm not always sleeping in my bed when I go to sleep and wake up.
                      Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

                      When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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                        get a laptop and take it with you wereever you go then you will have no excuse.


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                          Originally posted by OzzyKP
                          If I am at home I will play. But I'm not always sleeping in my bed when I go to sleep and wake up.
                          We know that you sometimes sleep in a box at your office. No reason to act like it's something that involves women.......
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                              on a mmore serious know does anyone know were all these barbs are comming from? thank goodness i dont have any on my island but on the water there are tons. its like everytime i take down one galley two more pop up to take the place of ther other. and while i was fighting the vikings those basderds were relentless which is the reason why the vikings were able to take out some of my guys but still. how can two civs fight eachother if they are bothing being pounded by all the strong barbs that won't go away?