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    Originally posted by A1CBOZ
    And your also right about the longbows....stupid persians
    I'm sure it's difficult to write a story to a Civ Game simply because the timescale is so slow. There is not much sense of history when you might move from Longbows to Rifles in several hours. And a tech lead will result in some rather strange combats which only make sense if the units themselves get renamed.

    Here, I can't imagine that the Germans would ever call the Persian horsemen, "Immortals". The name itself would apply at a time when the units were widely feared for their military prowess. But now, they are little more than outdated fighters. All that can be said for them is that they are still very brave and reckless. Perhaps in hand-to-hand combat you might imagine real fear in the eyes of defenders but here, the Immortals charge and barely reach the “walls” before they are cut down in a hail of arrows. If the odds are so much in favour of the defenders, I could imagine them being quite casual about the whole thing.

    The other problem that you face in reporting combats is that the whole combat model is too simple in CIV. Let’s be honest, if I have 10 axemen against 3 archers, I’m not going to say to the first group

    “Off you go boys and the rest of us will wait here and see how you do!”.

    I then see my axemen killed first by arrows and then, after swiping and missing at the archer figures, getting their throats cut by some dagger that the archers carry.

    What I WILL do is send all my axemen together and attack the city at several points to stretch the defenders and then work to get into the city. If there is any sort of breakthrough then, as long as sufficient attacks are left, they will all be slaughtered.

    It’s even worse when you think that a city can fall just to siege weapons. How are you going to explain that “CHARGE!!!!!”

    But that’s the difficulty you face. It’s still a fine job that you are doing trying to add commentary to the story behind the story.


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      Chapter 6: Capitulation

      After the defense of Frankfurt, where several tens of thousands of Persians had died, the army of the Persian Empire was reduced to little more than small bands of conscripts trying to hold on to their cities. Slowly but surely,the cities fell and Germany suffered minimal casualties. Finally, Heinrich called for the Persians to surrender, and Cyrus came to the Imperial Palace in Berlin.


      Heinrich sat on his opulent throne in the main chamber of the Palace. He had always loved the beauty of the palace, even when he was nothing more than a lord just 5 years ago. The massive granite columns that carried the weight of the vaulted ceiling had decorations of a glorious, albeit often embellished, German past.

      And today he sat, awaiting his defeated enemy Cyrus. He had always hated Persia, but he hated Greece more. And all of his adviseos knew that the next target would be Greece itself. "You know. I expected more of a fight from the Persians." The Christian king said to his foreign and military advisors, one standing on either side of his throne.

      "Yes sire. I believe that much of the Persian power was based on Greek assistance." The military advisor said.

      "I concur, your majesty. Also, when we captured Arbela, we seized a large amount of their wealth. And what was left was apparently used to try and reduce out technological lead." The Foreign advisor said.

      Heinrich smiled. "We also have to thank the Greeks for not getting prematurely involved, and sat back and watche us devour their ally."

      At this time, an Imperial musketman, who was tasked with the defense of the Palace, and therfore the Emperor, marched into the room. Upon reaching 10 feet of the king, the soldier knelt and said, "Permission to speak?"


      "Your majesty. The deposed ruler of Persia, Cyrus, Has arrived."

      "Usher him in. Don't harm him, but do lethim know that i now rule the realms of Persia." Heinrich ordered.

      "Yes Emperor." The soldier Hurried from the chamber to retrieve the guest.

      "Finally. We can end this nonsense and get on with the glorious task appointed to Germany." Heinrich said no one in particular.

      Soon, two musketmen marched into the room on the flanks of the former Persian king. He looked like hell, Which made Heinrich smile even more. They got to within 10 feet of Heinrich, and Cyrus still stood defiantly. "Kneel" Heinrich said softly.

      Cyrus slowly raised his head to match Heinrich's gaze. "Never."

      Heinrich became murderously angry in an instant. Standing he shouted, "You will kneel before the emperor of Germany and Persia!"

      Cyrus glared back, "I am the rightful ruler of Persia, and Germany is nothing more than a boil on the ass of the world!"

      Henrich nodded to both the musket men, who drew their short swords and swung them across the back of Cyrus' knees, cutting the tendons and ligaments forcing him to crash to the marble floor. "Now that you have knelt, you must realize that I rule your kingdom. Persia shall be assimilated as a vassal state of the German Empire. I was going to allow you to rule what remains of your nation, under German advisement. But your indignation has made that impossible. Another shall be appointed to be regent of Persia, and you shall die and fade into history."

      Heinrich grabbed one of the guards muskets and aimed it at Cyrus. The weapon bucked violently as the gunpowder discharged sending a single leaden ball into the forehead of th former king. Blood and brain matter splattered onto the floor.

      "Someone clean this mess up!'' Heinrich shouted. Then looking at his military advisor he said. "And you. Get minimal garrisons in the conquered cities and move all offensive divisions south to Hamburg. Get ready for war with Greece!"
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        I'm loving it.


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          Chapter 7: DOW

          Karl could not believe what was going on. He had gotten orders while on garrison duty up north in occupied Persia that he and his unit were being redeployed south. Far south...He soon learned every other unit in the conquered lands was also being redeployed.

          "Maybe it's a grand mobility exercise?" Lukas had asked far too many times to make anyone believe that even he truly believed that.

          "Yeah? And maybe my mother is a Russian?" Karl had said the last time.

          "You ass." Lukas had replied, along with a punch in the shoulder. "But seriously, it can't be war. We just beat Persia into the mud, and the next closest nation is Greece." Lowering his voice so only Karl could hear, "And I don't think God has commanded us to conquer Greece, whatever the Emperor says."

          As much brotherly love that Karl had for Lukas, he could not hold back the anger. Grabbing him by the shoulder he pushed and slammed him into the barracks wall. Through gritted teeth he spoke, "I may love you like a brother, and you may be my best friend, but if you ever speak evil of the Emperor again, I will beat you senseless. Understood?" When Lukas finally recovered from his shock and nodded Karl let him go.

          "Sorry man. I didn't realize it was that big of a deal."

          "Well, just don't do it again. Not around me anyway."

          That had been two days ago when they had first arrived at the supplemental barracks in the outskirts of Cologne. The ragged tents had been thrown together to accommodate the overflow from the massive influx of troops into the city.

          Sunday morning dawned bright and clear. The kind of wonderful mornings the plains of Cologne were known for. Karl was up before dawn as were most soldiers, cleaning their weapons and preparing their morning meal in preparation of the Sabbath services that would occupy most of the morning. Shortly after sunrise Karl found Lukas so they could eat and discuss the morning service.

          "So what do you think will be the topic of study today?" Lukas asked.

          "Well, I would assume something about conflict and the soldiers of God sacrificing themselves for the faith, and the nation's leader."

          "You still think we are going to war with Greece? I doubt it. We have been here two days; some of these guys have been here for weeks! If we attacked Greece, we would have had to surprise them, not show them we are mustering a force this size."

          "Maybe that is the point. Draw the Greeks out and get a good idea of their size. And maybe match them. But regardless, we will win. God is with us." Karl said confidently.

          Lukas sighed. "I hope so. Because if He isn't then we will be at the mercy of the heathen hordes of the Hindu nations."

          "He is, don't worry. It's about time for service, let's go." The two soldiers joined the better part of half a million men moving toward their own Company Chaplins spread out across the plain.


          Heinrich was aggravated. He didn't want to deal with this man. His orders were to be carried out in just a few hours anyway. This was all irrelevant. But a necessary irrelevance.

          "Fine. Send the bastard in." He bellowed to the guards who were anxiously waiting to know whether or not they could grant the Greek messenger an audience with the Emperor. They quickly left to fetch the Greek.

          "This is so useless. It is going to happen. It might as well be now." Heinrich muttered to no one but himself. The guards reappeared at the end of the room. A man in the usual, nondescript tunic of a Greek messenger.

          "Emperor Heinrich. I am Pericles, messenger to the god-king Alex-" Heinrich cut him off.

          "There is no God for the Hindu people. Let alone a god-king." Heinrich said, barely containing his anger and blasphemy.

          "That is your view. And despite your disrespect, which I was told was likely; King Alexander has given this message to me, to give to you. The German people are to state their intention pertaining to the mass build up of forces on our shared border, and if unable to adequately explain it you will remove those forces that appear to be threatening the regional security." The messenger said, with much more confidence than any Greek should have.

          Henirich sat there for a moment. When he spoke, he was more bored with having to go through this arbitrary process than anything. He spoke matter-of-factly. "No. There will be no withdraw or redeployments. From this moment on a state of war exists between Germany and Greece. This state of war is permanent. There will be no negotiations. Only the complete surrender of Greece will return peace to the land."

          Due to his quick response, the messenger expected that. "Very well. You will regret this day. You have sentenced your nation to death, and Greece is an effective executioner." The messenger left quickly, leaving a strange impression upon Henirich.

          Heinrich watched the man leave and sat there upon his throne. Finally he said to himself, "They honestly think they can win. Delusional people..."


          The Sabbath service ended with the customary songs of praise and closing prayer. However, the Chaplin told them to report to their Company Commanders for an important briefing.

          As Karl and Lukas walked to the designated gather point for their company, Karl noticed several regiments were already moving east, towards Greece. Pointing to the groups, Karl turned to Lukas and said, "So you still think this is some grand exercise?"

          Lukas squinted at the soldiers and merely shrugged when he confirmed their identity, "I guess we will find out in just a few minutes."

          When the entire company had converged at the point, the commander stood on a large rock and spoke to his troops. "Men, I am sure you all are wondering why this mass formation of troops is here, in Cologne. But don't worry we are leaving in just a few minutes. And tomorrow, God willing we will be resting in Sparta! Emperor Heinrich has ordered we invade Greece and besiege and occupy the cities of Sparta and Corinth. Now, form up into your respected regiments, and your NCOs will give you the battle plans and formations. Good luck, God bless, and fight for Germany!" The company cheered and gave the signature army grunt showing their acknowledgment. Quickly, they divided themselves up and were formed into appropriate formations.

          The night fell on half a million man German army crossing into Greek territory aimed at the closest cities. Karl thought about the plan and acknowledged that it was a good one. Send the entire force east to attack Sparta and the massive garrison located there. Upon occupying the city, half would split up and attack Corinth, which held the majority of Greece's Western Fleet. Along the way destroy any force that dares to oppose them. Karl nodded, yeah good and simple.
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            I was hoping you'd be back. Glad to see another chapter.



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              Thanks. Been a little lazy/busy. Also I, like most other civers got BTS. But hopefully it won't keep me from finishing this story.


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                The whole time I read it all I could picture was medieval Nazis lol. after the 20th century its almost hard to remember they had thousands of years of history prior