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    Hello all, It's so great to be back. A few of you may remember me as Rob006. I kinda left abruptly last year, never finishing my second story. Well, the reason is that I went to boot camp for the Air Force. I am now an Airman in the world's greatest air power. Ok, enough of my bantaring. I now present my first Civ 4 inspired story. And just as in my last two stories, it follows Germany through its struggle for power. Im currently playing this game and have no idea how it will end. (though i do hope it turns out in the Reich's best interest )

    I give to you The German Theocracy...

    WARNING: This story will have strong religious conotations and wars in the name of religion. If anyone has a problem with anything i write, i suggest you grow up and play along with the fiction
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    Glory, Honor, Prestige...

    Three things Germany desired....

    Three things Germany deserved...

    Three things Germany was forced to do without...

    Three things Germany would have...

    Germany would rise. The world would pay for its injustices...


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      Ch. 1 Heinrich

      Commander Heinrich watched as his axemen obliterate the scarecrow like foes positioned about the training field. They trained hard. But life was hard. "It's the military after all" Heinrich tried to reason to himself. But in germany, everything seemed to be harder. Germany wasn't a rich nation, or advanced. It was regarded as the 'little brother' among the continents nations. All the others had time and again deliberately interfered and hindered with Germany every chance they got. Greece in particular. Greece was the superpower, and had done everything to prevent Germany's rise to power.

      But Greece was not alone. Persia had their hand in the hinderance of Germany also. Worst of all, Persia had blocked Germany's expansion into the silver and fur rich north. But Germany had one advantage. The Reich has multiple sources of iron. Persia has none. Greece cannot spare any, so Persia therefore is begging for German iron. However, the extortionately lopsided deals that Cyrus proposed were utterly contemptable. Germany would guard this one advantage.

      "Damn Greeks and Persians" Heinrich said as he tought about the multitude of insults those nations had done to the Fatherland.

      "What was that sir?" His aid asked. The young man was astute enough, but still had to learn that an aide's nose mustn't always be in his commander's ass.

      "Nothing." With that Heinrich retrieved his own axe, and jumped from the observation platform to join his men.

      He was about to destroy the stuffed head of a nearby foe when he noticed the army general.

      "Sh*t." A simple cursing. He never had like that man. That Greek loving moron...
      But position overrode personal feelings in the army. Becoming rigidly stiff he greeted the superior.

      "Afternoon sir."

      "Same to you. Tell your men to get in formation."

      "Might I ask why it's important enough to interrupt their training sir?"

      "New weapons. The axe is being slowly replaced as you know. This division is up for the upgrade."

      "What's wrong with the axe? We have never lost an axe division against the barbarians"

      "Cool it. We got the design from Greece. The flail is more effective against the new armour designs that are showing up."

      Heinrich thought the gray haired man had lost his mind. And the Greeks! Those arrogant fools! how dare they attempt to tell Germany how to arm its military! But there was nothing he could do. He began to walk away when he noticed the chain around the general's neck. A strange emblem hung from the chain. A thin, verticle bar with a shorter, horizontal bar about 3/4 up from the bottom intersecting it. He dismissed it. He could have never imagined how much that symbol, the crucifix, would soon completely change the world.
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        Ch. 2 Religion and Politics

        Christianity came to Germany through the port city of Stuttgart by some travelers speaking an incomprehendible language, originally from a nation that came to be known as Celtica. The faith spread like wildfire through the Reich. It quickly took hold in Germany's largest cities and smallest farmlands alike. The religion was able to provide the substance that the current polytheistic state sponsored religion, Hinduism, was lacking.

        The time for a new religion couldn't have been better! to aid in Christianity's rise is the fact that the growing anti-Greek sentiment was growing. Anything Greek or associated with the country was under suspicion by many people. Hinduism had originated in Sparta.

        Germany was changing. And the ripples of change would be felt world wide for generations....

        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

        Heinrich was baptised a year to the day after he first saw the cross hanging around his superiors neck. As he raised out of the water he smiled. He smiled at the bishop, at his friends, at everything in sight. The world was new, so many new possibilities... So much could change....

        So much had changed already. In the past year, Heinrich's enthusiasm and excellent politiking had gained him his own small army. And in Germany's growing feudal society, that manpower meant political power. He was now a Lord, a land owner. He was responsible for several acres of Berlin farmland and regional law making, and at times, law enforcing. He was frequently present with the governor and sometimes even the king taking care of mattters of state. And with the spreading anti-Greek sentiment, those meetings were sometimes interesting. The king and governor both were staunch followers of Greek Hindu ways and were determined to maintain a friendly, and in Heinrich's view, subordinate relationship with Greece. "As long as we follow the lead of the Greek Empire, we need not fear anything." The king was marked as saying that frequently when the German-Greek relationship was questioned.

        And the fateful day arrived...

        Heinrich dressed himself in his political garb, left his estate near the barracks which housed his army and began his walk to the governor's palace. The Imperial Palace was just a few blocks further away, but as far as he knew there would be no need to meet the king today. Within a few hundred feet of the building he noticed a particularly boistrous crowd in the market place across from the palace. "One of the Grocer's must have a new toy to catch the imagination of the people..." Heinrich thought.

        "...And this offense is the last straw! Germany demands an equal standing with the rest of the world!" The speaker said which resulted in a chourus of agreement from the crowd. The speaker was obviously no merchant.

        As he came closer, the speaker noticed him and began to speak at him. "And it is political idiots like you that have caused this! And not just this event but this regime has caused Germany to be taken advantage of by the world!"

        "I'm Lord Heinrich! I demand that this be broken up before you are all arrested!"

        "Arresting us will only cause more unrest!"

        "We'll see. I don't know what this is about, but it's over. Guards!?"

        No response. Heinrich finally noticed that the swordsmen that guarded the door were absent.

        He warily looked at the crowd then began waliking to the door. The crowd continued their heckling.

        "Ha! This one doesn't even know what has happened! What a government! What efficiency!" The speaker continued to jeer as Heinrich beat on the palace door.

        "This is Lord Heinrich. Open this damn door!"

        "Yes M'Lord." Came the muffled reply from the guards on the other side.

        The door opened and Heinrich walked quickly inside to escape the growing crowd outside.

        "Thank you soldiers. Be ready for anything."

        He walked briskly down the hall. He recieved nervous glances from various aides and slaves that were wandering the halls doing various tasks for their Lords. He didn't understand why they looked at him so. Almost like he wasn't supposed to know something. Or maybe even be there.

        He broke into the conference room amid a heated discussion. Many stopped talking and stared at him. He realized why. They had all been summoned there. He hadn't. "Well, that explains the glances of the aides." he muttered.

        "Why was i not summoned!? What could have happened that required every ones attention but mine!?" He asked, but soon noticed that others were absent, all Christians.

        One of the older Lords spoke, "Heinrich, you were not called because your people have been inflamming anti-Greek sentiment for a while. And you people will not be allowed to do that this time!"

        "My people? I am German! And if you mean fellow Christians then i will have your head!" Heinrich was shouting, his blood rising.

        "Gentleman please." A younger, more patient Lord spoke, "He is here, we should get his opinion. Come with me Heinrich."

        He was led to a table with an unfurled map of the seas north of Stuttgart. He could see the port city of Sardis and the Persian capitol Persepolis and the Arctic Persian coast. An Island off the coast had been circled.

        "Well, I'm sure you remember the island we discoverd a few months ago that was a bountiful source of seafood ?"

        "Yes. It would also have been a strategic area to aid us in watching the growing Persian navy." Heinrich replied.

        "Yes. Well, shortly after its discovery, the king shared the news with Greece." Heinrich felt his face redden with anger. "Well, they sent us an envoy last night. It ordered us not to attempt a colonization as Greece has already founded the city of Rhodes at this location."

        Heinrich was fuming. This was an outrage! Again, Germany was being put down by others! "This is absurd! An outrage! We found it! We claimed it!" A few others nodded. Most frowned.

        One spoke up, "See! That's why you were not summoned! You complain about something we cannot change!"

        "Yes we can! Where is the governor? I demand that he petition the king for a declaration of war!"

        To that, nearly all laughed. "Declare war on the greatest power in the world? Are you insane? We could never win! Besides, Greece is the homeland of our faith." Then almost snarling the heckler added, "Not that you would care about that."

        Not bothering with these imbiciles, Heinrich stormed out heading towards the governors chamber.

        When he burst in, the governor was haunched over another map along with senior officials and aides. The governor nodded to the men and they began to leave the room.

        Heinrich took the initiative, "I know you love your precious Greece, and your precious Greek goods, but we must not allow this insult to go unanswered! Petition the king to send an ultimatum to Greece!"

        The governor sighed, "And what would it say?' The governor said laizily, as if Heinrich were a child in which he had lost patience with.

        "Withdraw from the island."

        "or what?"

        "Face war!" Heinrich replied.

        The old man shook his head. "You fools. First you forsake your religion, then you wish to attack the country that first gave it to you. Idiocy."

        "Hinduism is Idiocy. Lunacy at best! There is but one God! And His Son! And Greece is not God! And Alexander is not Christ!" Heinrich was shouting now, trembling with rage.

        "You are a fool! You stupid fanatics call for acceptance of Christianity, and now you call for war!? You are all Idiots and you shall all die as trators if I have my way!"

        "What!?" Heinrich was uncontrollably angry. He stepped forward and delivered a solid punch to the governor's jaw. The man fell, knocking the map off his desk and the sheethed dagger he used as a paper weight. The Governor grabbed the dagger, unsheethed it and brandished the weapon at Heinrich.

        "The executions will start here!" Yelled the governor as he jumped up, lunging headlong at Heinrich.

        Heinrich easily outmanuevered the man and punched him in the throat. The governor dropped the dagger, fell to his knees and grabbed at his throat trying to breath through his destryoed trachea. Heinrich grabbed the dagger and stood before the man.

        "You're right. The executions do start here." Heinrich Kicked the mans face forcing him onto his back then stepping on his groin and stomach, he stood over the broken governor. With a skilled flick of his wrist the dagger flew from his hand and severed the right side of the governor's neck and buried itself in the wooden, rug covered floor. Blood spurted out and quickly soaked the rug. The man breifly struggled and then fell limp, the gyser of blood slowed to an oozing.

        Heinrich was still enraged. Greece had caused this. All of this. But now there was something he could do about it. The pathway was opened up to him. He could see it so clearly. All he had to do was take it. He walked behind the desk and grabbed the heavy wooden chair. Picking it up, he hurled it at the brittle stained glass window that was the sole source of light, save candles, that the room had. The explosion of glass was sure to draw attention. He quickly climbed through and dropped the 10 feet or so without injury. With a new purpose, and a sense of destiny, he took back roads, and alleyways to get back to his estate as the news spread that the governor of Berlin had been murdered.
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          hey all, updates to the story willl be slow over the next 2 weeks. long story, but in short, my internet acess is very limited right now.


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            Chapter 3: A New World Order

            Karl couldn't believe what he was hearing. There was no way this could be really happening. Could it?

            He was one of the thousands that were members of the regular army of Lord Heinrich. He had been out in the market place checking out the local and Greek made goods,as well as the women, when several of his comrades found him. They had been in such a hurry they nearly knocked over a tanned well shaped woman without even noticing her. They ran to him and began nudging him away before they even began to speak."We have to go. Something is happening"


            "No time. Let's go!"

            Here he was now. In the training yard of the semi-cramped barracks that had been squeezed in on Heinrich's farmland. The entire army had been assembled. Lord heinrich was on a poium in the center of the yard almost yelling to be sure that his men heard him. Karl almost thought he wasn't hearing him, at least not correctly.

            "So yes my men, I admit that I am the killer of our beloved governor. But it was self defense! Not just for me but for our faith! He was a memeber of a conspiracy that has the goal of nothing less than the murder of all German Christians!"

            Even the discipline of the army was not enough to keep many of the soldiers from gasping or cursing. Karl was one of th latter. "I knew it was only a matter of time." He mumbled to himself. Karl loked around at his comrades, his brothers. Not just brothers in arms but also brothers in faith. A requirement to be a member of Heinrich's force was a profession of the Christian faith. Sure several had probably come in that didn't hold Christ dear to their heart, but they certainly didn't hold Hinduism there either.

            "... and therefore, I call on you, my army, to rise with me and show not just Germany, but the eintire world what we are capable of! Are you willing to take control what is rightfully German not Greek? Are you prepared to stand against our oppressors!? WILL YOU FOLLOW ME!?"

            The response was thunderous. Surely the king himself heard it 5 miles away. Noone simple said 'yes', or 'i will'. The army screamed and cheered their agreement. They knew what Lord Heinrich was asking of them was treasonous, but it was obviously necessary. After a while the cheering finally died down and Heinrich could again be heard.

            "Alright then! Let us go and bring about a new world order!"

            Karl lifted his mace and began to move. The companies of the army fell in at a fast pace and waited for Heinrcih to lead them. He appeared minutes later from his estate wearing his battle gear. He wore the standard black plate armour with a layer of chainmail overtop. But his armour was accented with the golden leaves that decorated the shoulders and came around the front of his helmet. Other than those small accents of gold his amour was exactly the same as his macemen.

            The entire army looked at him in awe. What an impressive sight. Their commander, leading them into into battle, leading them into a wold changing event. Everyone waited with anticipation to hear what he would say.

            Finally, after suveying his troops he spoke...

            "Men! We march on the Palace!"


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              Chapter 4: The Theocracy is Born

              Karl was amazed at what was going on. Heinrich's army was marching to the palace. Not just to, but ON. This would be the end of the German despotism. Incredible..

              He couldn't help but notice the way that civilians stared at the mass of soldiers that moved as one through the streets of the rich, upscale portion of Berlin. Karl was afraid that someone would start heckling the army, or maybe even attack it and cause a riot. He gripped his mace tighter. He would do anything for Heinrich, any one in the army would. The Lord had fought for the recognition of Christianity and now since the current government refused to realize the greatness of their faith, it would be done away with. He stared at the civilians and kept marching.


              Heinrich was elated. Not only had he not needed to try and argue or convince his army of the rightousness of this, but they seemed to have been waiting for it. He was in control of this army, soon, he would be in control of much more, he knew it.

              As the army approached the governor's palace, Heinrich couldn't help but smile. That stupid old man had set about this entire chain of events. He walked over to the company commander nearest him, "Ah, Frederick."

              "Yes M'lord?"

              "Take your company and capture the governor's palace, expect little if any resistance. Don't kill any governor's that are Christian. Anyone else.... do as you see fit."

              "Yes M'lord, It shall be done."

              With that, Frederick called to his company "Soldiers! Double time up those steps!" The small force of macemen and longbowman charged up the stairs.

              "Sir! The doors are locked from the other side!"

              Frederick swore. "Fine. Smash them down."

              Several of the macemen began beating at the doors. Before long they began to splinter and crack. Soon there was a gapping hole large enough to step through. the nearest maceman stepped through the hole and turned to his comrades smiling. "It's all clear." He turned around just as an arrow buried itself in his chest. He coughed up blood and crumpled to the floor, his mace smashing the floor tiles.

              "Dammit. Someone else go!"


              Karl was the nearest to the door so all eyes fell on him. ''Ok, here we go." He looked around the corner and spied the bowmen. He was squated on the starwell at the opposite end of the hall with his bow at the ready.

              "I'm gonna kill you mother f*cker!"That acheived the desired affect. The aggravated archer let loose his arrow without a clear shot. The arrow slammed into the door and Karl lunged through the gap. He charged at the bowman swinging his flail in a circle beside him. at the bottom of the swing he released the weapon and watched it as it flew straight into the chest of the enemy. It chrashed into the bowman with obviously vicious force, blood covered his torso and splatterd onto the stairs. The archer tumbled down the stairs crying out in immense pain. Karl walked across the downed foe, stepping on his chest, crushing his ribs and silencing the cries, and retrieved his mace.

              As the company found its way into the conference room they met no other resistance. In fact, they met noone. The macemen burst through the doors and the longbowman walked in with their bows at the ready, aimed at th nearest Lords and consuls. Two swordsmen that apparently had been guards immediatly surrendered in the face of such overwhelming force. Frederick nodded at some of his men and the walked over and unmercifully swung their flails at the surrenderd guards. Many of the Lords gasped and cringed at the violence, especially the once close enough to have been splashed with blood.

              Karl noticed one of the Lords almost smiling at this sudden intrusion. He stormed over and brandishing his dagger demanded, "What are you smiling at!?"

              "Be calm. This is a portion of Heinrich's army is it not? I am a Christian, and have been waiting for this day for years. I will follow where ever the Lord leads Heinrich."

              Karl looked at the governor "Smart man..", then looked at Frederick.

              Frederick spoke, "Ok. That's one. Who else swears allegeince to the new king of Germany!?"

              About a quarter of the Lords kneeled in submission, most could be seen with crosses in their hands or around their necks.

              The remainder stared venomously at the soldiers. "And what of us?'' One of the braver ones asked.

              Frederick looked thoughtful for a moment. "Archers, you know what to do."

              The sounds of arrows flying through air and burying in flesh was sickening. Just as was the chourus of screams that escaped the throats that hadn't yet died.


              The company joined back up with the army in the courtyard in front of the impressively grand German palace. Karl stared at the lush green bushes and decorative fountains that brought the place alive. What awed him most was the sea of Berlin. It was massive and had just a slight blue tint, the sails of ships could be seen miles away. As he stared at the huge sea he became aware of the fact that many of the soldeirs were looking up at the palace. He turned and at first couldn't se anything, but then he saw it. Or more correctly, HIM. It was Heinrich, and he held something in his hand.

              "My people! I give to you, your former king!"

              He raised his hand and Karl realized what he held. The head of the deposed ruler, It still bore the crown of the German king. Heinrich set the head down on the handrails of the balcony. He removed the crown and set it on his head.

              "Now. I give to you your NEW GERMAN EMPEROR!"


              Over the next year and a half, Heinrich consolidated his power and eliminated his enemies with ferocity. He also had missionaries spread the Christian faith throughout the realm of Germany. The state religion was changed to Christianity and he was revered as King, Appointed by God.

              The Celtic king Brennus welcomed the German Revolution of 1658 with open arms. The Christian Kingdom of the Celts urged that Germany drop all relations with the Greek Empire. And it was done. German was on a collision course with Greece and an enormous expansion of the military was instated.

              Three years into the reign of Heinrich a black powdery substance was discovered. Gunpowder had been found and was beginning to be used in weapons. Heinrich judged that the best course of action would not be to attack Greece immediatley. Instead, use the growing army and this new weapon to conquer a smaller enemy and use the experience against the Greek Empire.

              In 1662, German troops crossed the border into Persia...
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                where is everybody? this place is a ghost town. If this website continues like this i may have to pack up and go over to civfanatics


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                  Please don't. I won't get to read the end. I have been keeping up, and enjoying. Sorry I didn't write earlier.... Keep up the good writing. so far


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                    Thank you much Virdrago. I think alot of it is people don't want to post replies for some reason or other. I know i'm guilty of that myself....

                    Next chapter tomorrow


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                      Chapter 5: Holy War

                      "I hate ice... I hate snow.." That was all Karl could manage to say as his company trudged north through the tundra.

                      "You and me both." His nearby comrade, Lukas, said. They had met when Heinrich had reorganized the army in the previous months, and had quickly become friends.

                      "Well, we wouldn't have to be here if Persia had respected Germany's intentions of settling the frozen north. Then again, we wouldn't have Emperor Heinrich as our leader had Germany not been oppressed for generations."

                      "Yeah. Well, we are on our way to fix that right now aren't we?" Lukas said, smiling.

                      "So true. So true..."


                      After several hours of marching, the company of macemen could see smoke on the horizon. The leadership looked somewhat bothered at first, but as they drew closer to the burning city, it was obvious that the battle that had ignited the fires was over. The question was, who won?

                      "You think this is it? Time for battle?" Lukas asked.

                      "Not sure. But look at the Captain, he doesn't appear to be worried."

                      "Yeah I suppose. Wait, what's that?"

                      Karl looked in the direction Lukas pointed out. First he couldn't see anything, but he soon saw the form of a horseman riding to the company. The messanger rode up to the captain to deliver his message. Karl and Lukas were both too far away to hear what was said. Then suddenly the Captain's face lit up and he turned to the company.

                      "Men. Let me introduce the newest city of the Christian German Kingdom, Arbela. Now, as much as I would love to stop and sample some of the local food, wine and women, but we must move on, farther north. We have gotten word that a Persian army is marching towards Frankfurt and we must reinforce that city!"

                      Karl was annoyed. He wanted to rest. But he really didn't have a choice obviously. Persia must be defeated.


                      A week later, Karl was resting his weary body in the rubble of what appears to have previously been some kind of market. A good portion of the city block had been destroyed in the past few hours of the battle for Frankfurt.

                      "Blood really stinks!" Lukas suddenly declared.

                      "Well, be glad it isn't hotter here."

                      "I think I'd make that trade. It's cold as hell here."

                      Karl smiled at the oxymoron his friend unwittingly made. But suddenly the bugle call sounded again, immediatly wiping away any semblance of happiness.

                      "Here we go again." Karl said as he grabbed his mace.

                      "Another wave? Sh*t...."

                      The company formed up outside of the ruined city walls, along with the outdated axe weilding militiamen that were still waiting to be upgraded or disbanded. The army was backed up by Longbows and crossbows on the tops of the crumbling walls.

                      "Looks like another Immortal charge." A soldier just ahead of Karl said.

                      "Hmph. That name doesn't fit them anymore. We've proven that today." Lukas said

                      "I guess it takes a while for them to understand the obvious." Karl replied.

                      The city garrison commander rode out infront of the assembled army. "Men. The enemy approaches again. They are coming through the open area north, so their supposed immortal cavalry can manuever more easily. This could be a feint though and I expect you all to listen for bugle calls and orders. Now men, the enemy is within sight, send them packing back to Cyrus!"

                      Sure enough, Karl could begin to make out the form of a mass of horsemen galloping towards the city. Then something new appeared. Not on the ground, but in the sky....

                      "Oh sh*t..." Karl had barely said the words when the bugle call came. The force began to move back as the huge boulders came crashing into the earth. Karl was trying to push his way through the confusion as a boulder landed just yards away chrushing several men and covering him in mud and blood. He watched as one of the chrused men's mace flew out and tore another soldiers kneecap off. He hadn't imagined war would be like this.

                      He finally got back into the city and took cover from the hail of rock and realized just how close the immortals were. He could see the black robes that covered the riders bodies. He could also see their bows raised.

                      "Does this never get easier!!?" He shouted as he dropped behind a rock just to see arrows flying through the air he just had occupied.

                      "Forward!! Attack while they reload!" Came the order. The response came a little less quickly. After a moment the men becan to run towards the enemy, screaming with bloodlust. Karl dodged destroyed peices of wall, and bodies alike. He could barely see the flash of arrows coming from the walls where the friendly Bowmen were at. The arrows tore into the the immortals, proving again, that they did not live up to that name. As man and horse alike fell, most immortals couldn't reload their bows and instead dropped them and pulled out their short swords. A few managed to get another arrow into their bow , but it was like throwing pebbles at a tidal wave.

                      Karl sprinted at the enemy gripping his mace to the poit that his knuckles where white. He picked his target and they locked eyes. The immortal spurred the sides of the horse and charged at Karl, sword drawn and pointing forward. The wave of mace and axe weilding Germans were making contact with the Persians and Karl was about to meet his. He could smell the stench of blood from the previous battles. He could see the steam escaping the nostrils of the horses. Time seemed to slow, and he became aware of everything. He even noticed Lukas to his left was bringing his mace across the chest of a mounted enemy.

                      The immortal was still charging and Karl stopped. He solidified his stance and prepared for the blow. just as the horse got in range, he brought his mace up into the bottom of the horses jaw. The animals bones cracked and blood splattered over him. The beast tipped to the right causing its rider to fall. The Persian appeared stunned, but din't have time to react as the massive horse came crashing down onto his legs. Karl leapt over the limp animal and swung his mace down at the immortal doing the same damage to him as he did to his animal.

                      Karl picked his next target. An immortal that was somehow dismounted but so dazed that he appeared oblivious to the Germans. Karl ran behind him and brought his mace down into the top of his head. He could feel the bone collapsing and the soft tissue being destroyed. As he ripped the mace free he heard something new. Not just new to battle, but entirely new, he had never heard anything like it. The sudden noise was followed by a blast of heat washing over him, and had he not been so suddenly scared, he would have welcomed the warmth. He turned to see several Immortals collapsing to the ground and a plume of smoke raising from what looked to be a crater.

                      "What the hell?" Then he saw something flying through the air. If he hadn't been able to tell that it was just a few feet above his head, he would have mistaken the round, black shape for catapult boulders. He tracked the form as it fell near a group of immortals. The ball sunk into the ground with a thud and Karl jerked back. But nothing happened. He could see smoke curling up out of the form.

                      "Must have not worked." Just as he said the words, the weapon exploded. The flash of fire schorched several of the horses and mens flesh, causeing a wild array of painful screams. But the metal casing for the new weapon was the real killer. Several shards of iron were flung around indescriminatly. Several Germans were struck, but the group of immortals was devestated. As several more grenades went of along the line, the immortals turned tail and ran. Karl raised his blood covered mace and cheered. "Yeah! Is that all you got!?"


                      Frankfurt held firm, and never again came under a significant attack. Gunpowder was used for the first time in the battle and the world of warfare would never be the same.
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                        I see you just finished writing this. And I'm still reading...

                        Will there be more? I guess there's still the "Greek question"...


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                          Oh yes, this will be long. Im very far into the game. Im not giving any spoilers but there may be a sequal to this story that could be called ''The German Autocracy"


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                            I quite like it although I’ve wondered about the civic change away from despotism when you have Heinrich or Frederick wiping out 75% of the upper aristocracy and then committing regicide. This sounds like you already had Hereditary Rule.

                            Or maybe you just had Monarchy of the non-hereditary form….

                            There does seem to be a little problem with mixing non-contemporary units. From a reporting perspective, you might consider some sort of renaming convention to avoid using terms like Warriors after a certain time when they become obsolete. Then they might simply be armed locals or bandits. Here, it is most noticeable when you introduce grenades into a force of immortals. The name would seem very anachronistic at a later time and you mention it is then a huge misnomer. Facing superior troops, it’s quite difficult to picture the carnage among the defenders when we all know that the longbows alone are probably defending with a 99% kill chance.


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                              Glad to hear that you like the story. As for the killing of aristocrats and all, i really only had despotism at the time and switched to heriditary rule. I more or less added the aristocracy for story sake.

                              And I also thought that the new weapons should have a different name, at least for now, but i was at work. And doing a 12 hour, night shift really makes my brain not want to function. Made a few corrections. Tell me what you think, and thank you again.

                              And your also right about the longbows....stupid persians