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The Battle of Tlaxcala

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  • The Battle of Tlaxcala

    The Battle of Tlaxcala

    The headline of the new Jordanian Times read, “WAR”. Jordanian Troops had just entered what was formerly China, and the once dormant alliance between Mao and Peter of Russia was again asserted…..

    Tlaxcala was a town which had formerly been apart of The Aztec Alliance, but had been “Subjugated” (According to the official Jordanian Report) and which was now apart and was functioning in the Jordanian Republic. After Tlaxcala’s capture, several Jordanian Divisions were stationed in the town. However, recent wars with The Aztec and Chinese, had forced all but two Jordanian Infantry divisions to other parts of the Republic.

    Part 1: Peaceful Sun

    Poj had just finished his duty on south-side of Tlaxcala, it was a great area to be stationed, with the warm sun, the great waterfront, not to mention the partying life… Poj was perfectly content where he was. Nevertheless, clouds where gathering on the horizon, clouds which would soon cover the warm sun, and turn Tlaxcala into a bitter place of death…

    Part 2: Clouds Gather

    Another day, another duty completed, but this day was different, the sun was covered by gathering clouds which darkening by the moment… The men of the division were quiet, the parties were ended as small groups of Jordanian Advance Recon Units came limping into the city. The report they gave where what the commanders had feared, over twenty well formed Russian divisions were on their way towards Tlaxcala.
    The workers were evacuated, and several dispatches were sent to various places, including Jordanian High Command. The Emperor also received the news, and was very dismayed… No Jordanian Divisions were close enough to get to relieve the city for a little while…Jordanian High Command had immediately sent dispatches to get two cavalry divisions and a couple of divisions of Macemen, which would be given modern weaponry when they arrived…Poj was distressed when he heard this, and like so many other troops, began to write his last letters to his family… Unfortunately for the Russians, The men of the First Fighting Div. and the Super Sixth Div. were some of the most experienced men in the Jordanian Army, and had ample time to fortify their position near the river, not to mention, the Jordanian infantry were technologically superior to the sword-wielding Russians…
    My first story, It is a long one, 7 parts I believe, tell me what you think... and yes, it is based on a real game...
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    Good value mate
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      Keep them coming, umm, for no other reason than pure curiousity, how did you come up with your name?

      /me is an information junkie, loves to learn

      Look forward to next installment

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        Originally posted by Grandpa Troll

        * Grandpa Troll is an information junkie, loves to learn
        To answer your question: When I was a little younger(3 years ago) I made a new Instant Messenger SN, and my favorite animal was a cow...and I watched Spongebob too, I liked Squidward so Cowsquid, and if you ever meant me in person, you would know i like to be uhh, different... I made it, It is orignal, so I like it, it stuck...
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          And as promised...
          I think it's edited right...but it's a little late, we'll see tomorrow for more parts...

          Part 3: The Storm

          The hours of duty had been elongated, to keep more troops on the front incase of an attack. Poj, a Staff-Sergeant with a platoon under his command was now stationed in the west side of the city, on the outskirts. The Russians had moved their Catapults into range of the city, and had began to send rocks and such onto the city, buildings were destroyed, but the Jordanians were dug in, and the Russian Catapult attacks were to of no avail. The Russian General Ivan saw the ineffectiveness, but decided to send several divisions of knights at the wall known as Poj’s Platoon. Poj knew the attack was coming, and thus, prepared his troops, two more platoons came and fortified his division, the commanders had hoped this would be enough…
          Poj heard the Russian Charging cry, and knew the onslaught was coming. He looked beyond his cover, and ordered his men to fire… He was amazed to see the loss of life, the knights seemed to fall of their horses…
          Six hours into the battle, there were dark clouds and it had began to rain, but not hard, that was to come later… Poj and the platoons with him were running out of ammunition, but they had been ordered not to let up…Soon they were out of ammunition, but the Russians, fatigued, continued the fight, until they realized their situation, and withdrew for the time being, but in the sky, more clouds were developing, becoming more ominous, this was not an average storm, but something worse…

          Part 4: Something worse…

          More Russian units were observed by the JLC(Jordanian Light Corp) and were heading toward Tlaxcala. But, Jordanian Macemen had arrived, were given a crash course in Infantry, and a couple of Cavalry units had come… More were on the way, and Jordanian High Command had sent the best troops. However, the storm in Tlaxcala had turned into something worse, it wasn’t just rain, thunder, and hail were now coming together… The General Ivan had brought in more units to conquer Tlaxcala, everything from Elephants, to knights, Crossbowmen, and catapults. The main battle was still to come… Poj and his group were refitted and were digging back in. More Platoons had come, and were put under his command, at any cost, the west side of the city was to be held.
          Again the Russian Catapults sent rocks flying through the stormy atmosphere…By this time, the city of Tlaxcala was in shambles, but most of the populace remained in the city to show their support… Poj looked, and saw Russian Elephants advancing on his position, he was speechless until he uttered, “Jiminy Crickets!” When he first saw the elephants, he was terrified, but then he remembered stories his grandfather use to tell when long ago the Jordanians used Elephants against the lawless barbarians, and how the head and feet were the most vulnerable… Remebering this, he looked down the line, until he saw Henderson, a man who was possibly one of the best shots in the entire Jordanian Military, “Henderson!” He bellowed. Henderson, keeping his head low, came sprinting to his Sergeant, “Yes sir?” He queried.
          “Aim for the head!”
          “Shan’t be to hard I reckon.”
          A bang rang out from his long rifle, and the beast stumbled and threw the men on top over and crushed them… Soon the main battle was joined, and the storm was getting worse by the moment, the Jordanians were a stubborn people, and Russia now knew it, the casualties on that day where great, complete divisions of Russian troops were wiped out while the Jordanian casualties were not light, they were kept minimal.
          Poj and his group was at the forefront of the fight, and were pivotal in the victory that Jordania experienced that day. The Russians withdrew in disgrace, and were left to lick their wounds, the storm clouds were starting to disperse…
          For his break Poj went down to the river, he was going to take a normal dip in it, but, dead fish had come ashore, the river was red with blood, it was a horrible sight, but a sight which Ivan had brought to Poj…
          A day after the withdraw of the Russians, the Jordanian Commanders where immediately interested in a counter attack… Only a few Russian Divisions had survived the Battle Of Tlaxcala and these had tried to move back through the small grassland corridor between Jordania and Russia. The Commanders asked for volunteers and Poj and his group eagerly volunteered for the duty…
          "Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are."
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            awesome... keep it coming mate

            at your own pace
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              Good story!
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                Good writing

                Looking forward to the next part.


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                  More, More


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                    Part 5: The Clouds Gather, Again:
                    More Jordanian troops had arrived in Tlaxcala in the past few days, along with workers to help rebuild the decimated city… Now Elite Units like the First Fighting Div. and the Super Sixth Div. were going to be aided by Jordanian Light Cavalry(JLC). This strike group set out and came within sight of the slow moving, injured Russian units. The Jordanians intended to make good on their orders: “Leave no survivors or refugees.” When the Russian General saw the strike group, he knew the doom was coming…Clouds had once again started to form, and a drizzle began to form, there would be no thunder, but a torrential downpour…

                    Part 6: The Strike

                    The Battle Of the Green Valley was about to start, Poj and his group led the way into what was left of the Russian Invasion Force, Poj knew his target, the evil Ivan… The fatigued Russian units where no match for the Elite Jordanians…As the battle was joined, the Jordanians began beat back the Russians, the storm was starting…

                    Poj had fought his way through the middle of the Russian line, trying to get to Ivan when it happened…
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                      good valyue mate
                      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
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                        Oh come on... Tell us what happened


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                          Beautiful story (even forgot it's a game).

                          Best regards,


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                            Part 7: The Strike(Cont)

                            He had been hit by a stray arrow, and it was now lodged in his upper chest…Henderson saw him get hit, but was hampered in getting to him…As Poj lay… he thought Did I come all this way to die? And to let Ivan live? Thinking this, and stories of valiant men his grandfather told him of, he sat up, and then stood up and moved towards Ivan… When Henderson saw Poj get up, he smirked, and said half to himself, “He’ll be alright”
                            As Henderson was saying this, Henderson was hit by an arrow… He fell to the ground, half shocked, and grabbed his rifle, and held it to his chest…
                            It was pouring rain now, and the clouds were dark…

                            Poj continued to stagger towards Ivan, Ivan saw Poj, and recognized him. Ivan moved to meet Poj in battle, Poj threw down his rifle, and pulled out the dagger in his boot.
                            “Come and get some” He yelled to Ivan.
                            Insulted and in a rage, Ivan charged at Poj, The fight was quick and furious but soon, Ivan had Poj on his knees, on the ground.
                            “Your men were better men” Ivan said. (It was well known Ivan killed any captured men, he captured some of Poj’s too.)
                            As Ivan drew his sword to behead the defenseless Poj, Ivan got shot in the chest, Poj looked up to see Henderson drop his rifle after the shot… Poj grabbed a dagger and impaled the stunned Ivan, all Poj said was, “They were better.” The downpour was now at its worst, there was a lot of blood in the valley…

                            Epilogue later...
                            "Dumb people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are."
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                              Keep it coming!
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