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Thread: Problem with Civ2:ToT

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    Problem with Civ2:ToT

    Hi, I am a huge civ2 fan from back in the day and recently was given the civ collection box set as a present. I have never owned or played civ2: ToT however, so I decided to install it on my netbook the other day using my optical drive from a networked computer to see what its all about. I cannot play using the cd since I dont have a drive, so I just grab a no-cd patch no prob right. I need to patch the game using the official patch to use the no-cd patch and thats where the problem comes in:
    When I go into the patch the wizard loads up and I click next. Then an error message pops up saying "you must have test of time installed in order to install this update" and the program closes. I have tried getting the patch from different places, re-installing the game, changing directory to different locations, etc, and cannot find a solution. I was hoping somebody on this board could give me some advice or a slution to this maddening problem. Here are a couple other things I should mention:
    -I use Win XP 32-bit home w/sp3
    -The game loads up fine but dosent let me get past the cd-check
    -I aslo installed Civ2:MGE and patched it no problem; it works fine.
    -I am installing from the collection disk from another computer
    -I have not copied any sound files from disk two, and shouldnt need to.

    Anyways, any help would be appreciated! Thanks for your time guys!

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    A bit late now, I see, but for future reference, there's a registry fix for this.

    You can find the fix and some instructions over on CivFanatics:

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