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A Chinese mod... maybe

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  • A Chinese mod... maybe

    A few bits and pieces I'm working on.

    The government types will be changed. The new tree in the Senate will be:

    Legalism - Confucianism (Sovereign - Sage)
    Tributation - Meritocracy (Emperor - Minister)
    Communism - Capitalism (Chairman - Tycoon)

    Pics of the new government types and the patriots follow.
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    The CTW map

    This is the map I've made for this CTW campaign. It's got the 30-odd provinces plus Mongolia, and also separate divisions for the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

    I may put in Korea, Russia, and Japan as well, as there has been centuries of competition among those nations.
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      [edit: moved this to the Red Star thread]
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        I can't figure out how to get the iface_...tga files to load from the mod folder. I have to manually copy and paste them into the Thrones and Patriots/art folder, which is inefficient.

        If anybody knows how to do this please help me!
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          Another issue is that the various names of technologies on the tech tree are primarily told from a Western philosophical viewpoint.

          I'm reading Peerenboom's book China's Long March toward Rule of Law and it's got a good precis of China's legal history. I'll try to use that to rename some of the technologies in-game.
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