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    I'm also one of those who believe that RON is pretty much complete right now and that it would be hard to add something to this game. But then I might suffer from lack of imagination, who knows?

    I'd like to see BHG working on a new game, preferably a TBS, but I don't think this is going to happen. Hey, they could make a RPG... this would be interesting.
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      If they manage to make it better, why not... If they have better games in mind: something else. So basically, we'd be left running after our tail to answer this question.

      But what's this poll question?... If people are in this RON forum, we can expect them to be here because they liked RON, thgus answering mostly yes

      Besides, anyone here would like 500$ ?
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        Idk if reviving old thread is a bannable offense, but speaking from 9 years later, there's no doubt we're way overdue for a sequel.


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          Only if you spam
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            I'd love to see a remake of RoN that leaves all gameplay elements intact... but just upgrades the graphics. RoN is RTS perfection. The only thing you need to do with it is give it pretty modern graphics... not that the game is ugly to begin with.
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              I would love for it to have a sequel, no doubt!


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                I don't think that a completely new game is in order, but I think that the current RON, with T&P, could be improved greatly with a graphics upgrade, the elimination of a few bugs, the implementation of a national weakness for nations in addition to a national strength, and a few more new options, improvements, and additions that would enhance the game.

                national weakness: for example, the Americans: Strength: innovation or something else like revolution, free govts, innovation benefits, etc. Weakness: Isolationism - cost of declaring war increases over the ages, or something like that. This would lead players to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each nation before choosing them to play, ally with, or attempt to conquer, adding depth to the game without changing the core game mechanics.

                a little more depth to units, such as multiple uniques for each nation during each age where applicable (for example, Americans don't need four different unique units in the ancient age, or any at all really, because they didn't actually exist then) this could also include multiple tiers of units within each age.

                one of the things that would be most important to me is a refurbishing of the scenario editor, including support for a few bigger and smaller map sizes than are currently supported, a few more climates/biomes, and a complete rebuilding of the tool for building the landmass/water bodies of a map. Currently, you can't go back in and tweak a map generation based on the map you originally drew, as the game automatically changes a few land pixels into water pixels and vice versa in an effort to smooth. Thus, you can draw a map, apply changes, re-enter the map drawing tool, make no changes, click apply changes, and the game will automatically soften edges and erode the landscape until it becomes unrecognizeable or even worse, unplayable based on what you want to do with it. Supporting the drawing of water, or terrain types (allowing you to create a plethora of new worlds with varying terrain, allowing you to replicate a map of europe with the Alps' snowy peaks, the tundra of scandinavia, and the hotter, more arid environments of Turkey and Spain together on one map) could also be implemented, as can the direct placing on the map of mountains, rivers, and cliffs. This, without changing the actual mechanics of gameplay, would vastly improve the creative side of RON, a side that I have always found highly lacking.


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                  There would probably have to be some AI to help you control your units and production within a scenario.
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