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  • RON and Game Spy ratings

    Hi all!

    I may be a noob (no need to answer that ) but I only just realised something yesterday after playing RON on Game Spy yesterday.

    There are two ways to play RON through Game Spy.

    First you can log on by going through gamespy - living with all those annoying ads, having to start RON from scratch each time, having the Game Spy querks that cause crashes and the like. This way gets you pretty graphs of peoples pings (sometimes) and sometimes tells you their pings etc etc.


    you can start up RON and go into multiplayer and choose game Spy matchmaking and it takes you to the same Game Spy game rooms for RON but it is in a much better forum! Pings are always there, ratings are next to everyones names as well as how many games have been played by each person.

    I have played just under 100 games on Game Spy of which 95 have been through the Game Spy site. The last games have been less laggy, less drop outs and you start the game faster (it takes another 10-20 seconds to get to the setup page going through the Game Spy site as RON has to start).

    Now my rating is 1286 - everyone seems to start with a rating of 1600 and you go up if you win in the rated rooms and down if you don't. Unfortunately I have lost all my games in the rated rooms (about 4 games) so I need to work on that a bit and win a few (don't know how I'm going to do that - practice makes perfect I suppose).

    This may be obvious to alot of people but for me this wasn't explained in any great detail and I just did it the way I did it - if there are other out there - go through RON - much more interesting!



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    I never knew there was any other way
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