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  • Editing Civilizations

    Hi all-
    I was wondering (and I don't know if this has been covered yet (sorry if it has)) but I was trying to edit some of the civilization files (i.e. changing city names, adding more cities, leaders...) And when I tried to run RoN I got errors saying that the program couldn't read the modded files... I have backups and all, but I was still wondering about the problem... Does it lie in the fact that I added more items to the cities/leaders lists instead of simply renaming? And if so is there a remedy for this that would allow such additions?
    El Hechicero

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    u should be able to change city names no prob...i did it fine and even added more..maybe its the program u used to edit it...or u accidently changed the format or something
    Are you down with ODV?