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i cant host a game on lan ):

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  • i cant host a game on lan ):

    Hi ,

    i am getting an error while i am trying to host a session on local area.. : unable to establish a session : :

    i have got Celeron 2000 GF4 MX440 XP Pro System.

    if there is a solution can someone help me plzzzz .....

    email : [email protected]
    ICQ : 78806699

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    Any firewalls (zonealarm, blackice, etc.), router info?
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      no i havent got an firewall or something like this.pff i dunno how can i fix this.i think prb is my system. ):


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        Do you use gateway/router/switch/hub?

        Maybe not software firewall but what about hardware ones?

        Did you set-up your LAN yourself or others?


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          yeah i have got Switch conn.but i dont have any software.


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            Run dxdiag.exe goto 'Network' tab > click DirectPlay test
            1. Create a session.
            2. (With other computers) Join a session.

            See if that works.


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              Try removing the IP address of your Gateway and DNS servers for your network card in network properties.

              Worked for me, although it's a pain in the ass having to do this every time I want to play networked RON.

              There is a way to change network settings with a .bat file, and it might be possible to do all this automatically every time you run RON. I'll get back if I can get it to work.


              • #8
                OK, so you can switch your network settings using a little thing called netsh.

                first you open a command prompt and type in:

                netsh -c interface dump c:\normal_net.txt

                then you remove the IP addresses from DNS and Gateway for your network card and type this in the command prompt:

                netsh -c interface dump c:\ron_net.txt

                you'll need to add a line to remove the gateway in ron_net.txt, as netsh doesn't do this for you. Just add one that says something like:

                set address name="The name of your network adapter" gateway=none

                You can compare it to the normal_net.txt file, or look at the help for netsh by typing 'netsh ?' into a command prompt if you're having trouble working this out.

                Now put these two files into the RON folder that's got rise.exe in it, and make a file called ron.bat and edit it with notepad so that it contains:

                netsh -f ron_net.txt
                netsh -f normal_net.txt

                and change your shortcut for ron so that where it says 'rise.exe' it says 'ron.bat'. Now when you click on your RON shortcut a black command prompt box will appear, there'll be a slight pause as your gateway and DNS are blanked, and RON will run. When you quit RON there will be another slight pause as it resets your DNS and gateway.

                I know patch1.02 is supposed to have fixed the NAT problems, but I'm still getting them after installing it.