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In-House Strategy Guide Review (Pt. 2)

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  • In-House Strategy Guide Review (Pt. 2)

    The second and final part of the Apolyton CS (ACS) in-house review of the "Rise of Nations: Sybex Official Strategies and Secrets" strategy guide, written by ACS staff writer Locutus, is now online.

    The style in which this guide has been written is not overly brilliant or funny... but it's not boring or long-winded either. It's easy to read and informative. [..] The only minor complaint I have is that the screenshots are slightly on the small side and sometimes it takes some effort to see exactly what you're looking at, Locutus writes. There is a huge amount of invaluable information in this guide that you won't find anywhere else, certainly not in the manual or the in-game help. It's quite clear that some Big Huge Game developers were intimately involved in writing this guide and provided tons of undocumented information..

    Included in this instalment are three screenshots in addition to the three that were posted at this time last week. Thanks to Sybex`s Yaniv Soha for supplying a copy of their guide to review. Comments on this edition are welcome in this thread.

    Dan; Apolyton CS
    PolyCast Co-Host, Owner and Producer: entertaining | informing civ
    >> PolyCast (Civ strategy), ModCast (Civ modding), TurnCast (Civ multiplay); One More Turn Dramedy

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    Locutus mentions that some items in the Strategy Guide are incorrect. It would be good to refer those to:
    Sybex Book Issues Form

    The Sybex erratta page for this book is currently empty, and obviously should not be so.

    Thank you


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      Hmm, interesting.
      Try for discussion and debate.