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Is it possible to build future age?

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  • Is it possible to build future age?

    Mabey im somehow just not seeing it, but the manual tech chart shows a future age... but you cant ever reach it in game!

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    The highest age you can reach is the Information Age, which is roughly 1969-present.


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      Using zone alarm, getting sick of it....

      Preferably something free, but if its great I'll pay, any recomendations?

      Zone alarm always causes slow downs with online games for me-sick of it.


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        To which message was that really a reply?


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          THAT was wierd..... gah.

          The slip which comes with the game shows 4 techs from "future technology"..... what is that then?


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            After you research EVERYTHING in the library in the info Age, there will be 4 new techs to research. I forget the names right now...

            These are geared to being 'game enders' in that they are very expensive and provide major bonuses. 'AI' is one of them, it produces all units INSTANTLY, no more waiting for each to be built seperately just for an example.
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              they're the 'ultimate' end game techs. They let you assimilate cities instantly, protect you from nukes, raise your commerce cap by a lot and some other cool things.
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