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How do I build a oil platform in the industrial age?

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  • How do I build a oil platform in the industrial age?


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    tell a citizen to build it, like you would any other building, and place it on an open oil spot.
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      in the oceans I mean


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        1. Click citizen.
        2. Click build (or press "b")
        3. Click build oil station (or press "z")
        4. Click on a black spot on the ocean (represented by a black square outlined in white on the minimap)

        Your citizen will do the rest.

        If your citizen can't, check to see you've done the following:
        1. You have at least level 1 science researched
        2. You have at least 1 dock
        3. You have enough resources to build the station
        4. Make sure the well doesn't already have an oil platform on it

        Hope this helps! And make sure to get the Eiffel Tower when you have the chance - it really helps boost your oil production!

        - PTM


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          please use the other thread

          It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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