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Replay / Discussion: Play it Out, you You Damned Quitters

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  • Replay / Discussion: Play it Out, you You Damned Quitters

    This replay is going out to all you god damned quitters. I have entitled it "Play it Out, you Damned Quitters", or "Go Down Kicking and Screaming, you Freaking Pansies".

    i have made this quick synopsis from my POV:

    if you know german, please translate that guy for me.

    The game starts, i do my standard start. i scan for large forests, depressed @ the results. start building my second city relatively early.

    Second city comes up, note the location with reguards to the river. need a market. assign it to f1, because i buy a lot of goods. more farms. caravan, merchants. decent sized forest nearby, build woodcutter. Temple. Maxed out economy with +100 food / wood. @ 3:55.

    i went for science 2 before classical age, and even before mil. this was odd for me.

    i begin doing my boomer strat, overmaxing my economy, simply because i have excess wood, and could use some quick food (+20 per farm when built).

    I begin advancing to the classical age when everyone else is in it, make it @ 5:20.

    merchants collecting resources. find a GIANT mountain right below me. Inca + giant mountain = god like. i begin preparing for taking it.

    I go commerical 2, before war 1. finally, i get war 1 at 6:30. Mining the huge hill now, slowly but surely.

    start building granaries and a sawmill, to max out my econ again. no sawmill for my capital city, for now. building unis' and scholars all the time, have 2 unis.

    i plop down a third city, to make use of the mountains. a smelter here will support maybe 15 miners. i am a big fan of "districts", to minimize the number of sawmills and smelters. it is a strength as well as a weakness.

    3rd city @ 8:30. i now have all lvl 2 techs.

    defenses at 3rd city. lookout, tower, for now. temple as well. after they finish, begin mining like hell. +188 wealth @ 10:24 set caravans on infinate queue, get trade 3. caravans with my allies.

    start colossus at 10:45. inca + colossus = godlike.

    again, i lag behind the age advancement. tis my strategy. get mil3. build a fort at my third city, between the mountains.

    i hear a trebuchet, and panic. i need military. my miners throw up 2 barracks and a siege factory, quickly. i begin by researching all the barr techs at one, and build units at the other. citizens return to mining.

    he did not attack as quickly as i thought, i had time to build up.

    age 3 @ 12:10.

    he flanks my 2nd city, CRAP! this looks bad. i send what little forces i have. his supply wagon is too close, my city fires upon it. attrition sets in. my archers have flanked his heavy inf, tearing them to pieces. his arechers slow me down a bit. i take out the catapult, and i'm pretty much safe now, just need to kill more inf.

    the whole time, i am still advancing. colossus completes at 13:40. i have all lvl 3 techs.

    Pucara is falling. i send in a second wave. it was captured. second wave recaps it in less than 10 seconds, i begin working farms again, and build towers. this will not happen again. workers repair the city as well.

    i have +262 wealth @ 16:00. i get lvl 4 science to cheapen advances, go to gunpowder. this time i am leading the pack, i finish before anyone else starts. my boom is in full effect, even after a hasty defense.

    german boy says: ok, das wars war schisse. isnt the last word sh1t? "ok that was sh1t?" translate that for me.

    i build a castle where blue came last time. again, his attack will not happen again.

    i plop a 4th city down up north, as a safe city, for wonders / caravans

    plop down a 5th below it, for the same reasons.

    i realize in the heat of the moment, i forgot to max out my economy again, crap. research granary / sawmill upgrades.

    start building wonders. terra cotta and colosseum.

    +200 food, +208 wood, +316 wealth @ 19:00.

    german boy: p mit japan waren die beide tod

    my poor defenseless city with terra cotta is under siege. sigh. stupid germans. i cancel terra cotta just int time. ask ally for help. he's under attack too.

    german boy doesnt stay to hold it, i recap it. he turns around, and THE FLANK OF THE CENTURY @ 21:30. utter rape.

    german boy: ich geb auf

    i repair my city, and the colosseum finishes, a kick in the ego for him. i advance to enlightenment before anyone starts, i rebuild terra cotta.

    all my techs / wonders have pushed back his borders to an insane degree. i begin planning assaults in my head. start reinforcing my military again.

    crap, max out my economy again. why do i miss this whenever a battle starts? granary / sawmill upgrades.

    i now have all lvl 5 techs.

    i realize my ally is in trouble, they're doubling him. i check for his army, apparently he doesnt have one. ally resigns before i could build an army large enough to help.

    i hate quitters.

    so, they keep attacking his lands. my caravans march to their deaths, all that jazz. i figure now i just have to get a large military and play it defensively until i can devliver major blows to the enemy.

    greens capital falls, meh.

    i realize i have a nice stockpile of gold, and begin buying the stuff i need for techs. i go science first, as usual.

    in hindsight, i only have 1 caravan @ 27:25, all others killed. i did not notice this in the game.

    i move my army to strike blue, while still advancing. i look for tricky ways to attack. i realize my northern cities are no longer safe, crpies, start building defenses.

    my army, which is regrettably all infantry / siege, begins charging at blue @ 28:00. i loop right around to his capital, and bagin raping the villes / town center.

    the city falls. blue attacks, he gets flanked without my troops even moving. hillarious to me. i start sieging the troop buildings.

    hindsight: i can advance to industrial @ 29:30, but i missed it cause of the battle. i pump out more troops. i do some weird tactics, but put most of their troops down easily. it's beginning to look like i can hold down Madrid for the 3 more minutes i have to. then red's second army shows up, and he's a bit smarter about his flanks. he comes head on with the cavalry, and theres not much i can do. i notice a small force near my city, i start a second army, to recon for now.

    i assimilate madrid, queue up lots of civilians for repairs. 2 minutes left.

    city lost. very sad. first army abandoned, remaning troops left to die. second army becomes first army, engages small force near my city, tears it to pieces. begin rebuilding of entire army.

    i curse the fact that 2 on 1's are impossible.

    again, i hit industrial before anyone starts it. during the battle i had some gold stockpiled. i begin sending idle citizens to get oil, and start building more more. upgrading all my troops. i figure the statue is a waste of precious resources in this game, because i'd need to not only build it, but defend it. troops are more important now.

    major researches / upgrades across the board. maxing out my economy i neglect every few

    red launches a small assault on my terra cotta city. i put it down easily by hitting supply wagons. as i'm cleaning up the remaining forces, i see blue dots comming up. crap. he's a moron though, and attrition is hirting him a lot. i garrison the city with civilians, and i send in my troops. in retrospect, i should have those citizen -> militia upgrades all researched. red launches a feeble attack on my fort up north. i use citizens to put it down. again, i take out blues supply wagon, and attrition eats him up. he's retreating before my troops arrive. my citizens are taking pot shots with their pitchforks.

    i go for the last science tech before many others. i place my troops in a sexy formation on my mountain pass, and take a screen shot because i like how it looks i fill it all up.

    i need oil bad. i build more wells and start on the refineries. thanks to the colosseum, i still own 38% of the map.

    i start modern before any of them, again. i hit modern @ 38:18.

    i start building airstrips and missle silos, as well as more refineries. i max out my oil econ, and need more trade techs.

    german boy: P ich geb dir meine rohstoffe das do pumpen kannst ok

    P du slost dir ein ab boomen.

    i continue my peaceful research. no one's a warmonger here. my economies start maxing out again.

    i start building bombers, as i figure this is mainly a war of attrition, i have to see how long i can hold out against 2 enemies. i figure bombing the crap out of them might buy me more time, i'm an age or two up on them anyway.

    red begins raiding my oil. he also screws up with supply wagons. his artillery take damage. he retreats to his land. my troops are now dead center of my empire.

    more oil raids. these will be the end of me, and i'm not sure how much i can invest in defenses for my oil rigs, or how effective they'd be.

    i figure i'd start bombing some military buildings for now. i send bombers down.

    i get nukes @ 44:20.

    bombers meet no air defense.i blow stuff up.

    i see blue trying to be sneaky. he's not. i choose to defend against red. then i notice blue is near my slios. i turn tail and head for blue, giving red free reign over my western lands.

    blue does not attack my silos quickly enough, or, at all. my troops show up, and i nuke blue's major troops area. i also nuke paris. i lose my city with the colloseum to red. my bombers have that gay auto mission thing on, and they fly into blues land again, and actually get hit with AA. i send my troops to kill reds army.

    rather than take it, he destroys the terra cotta army. i'm not sure if this was intelligence or ignorance. either way, i group up and attack.

    i have about 5 machine gunners my my mountain city. they tear blues infantry to pieces.

    i use a small flanking force and my bombers to take out reds supply wagons. utter rape follows.

    i nuke blues capital for good measure. then i proceed to retake my colloseum city. i have every tech but info age, i am still the only nuclear power.

    my ragtag army is still kicking, red retreats what little remains, and i regroup.

    germano: hat kien sinn mehr

    i am in dire need of oil. they have done a good job of raiding me, and it continues.

    as i look for a place to nuke, blue resigns. heeeeyyyoooo.

    i move my entire army to reds front. red assaults me with a large front, choppers and everything. take colleseum city again. my army moves into poisition. launch another nuke for fun. again, small flanking force and bombers pick off supply wagons. attrition does the rest.

    red resigns. i win. kicking and screaming.
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    "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it. We have to leave this place, I am almost happy here."
    - Ender, from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

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    I like your writing style Uber, felt I was there watching rather than reading.

    I agree about quitters, had ton of them in C&C Generals Online, Cheaters too. It really messed with your score. Just before going in for the kill they'd quit & on the score board it comes up that you've lost they win !@*% . It's seriously put me off online play.

    Look forward to reading more of your stories...
    APATHY ERROR: Don't bother striking any key.


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      Swissy this one's for you


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        ok, das wars, war scheisse.
        1. Alt: Ok that was it (the Game) . It was sh t on my Behalf.
        2. Alt: Thats it. I was sh tting

        )=Clearly the lost rush was uhm not too good for him.

        [quote]: p mit japan wären die beide tod
        If I was Japan both (players/wonders?) were dead.

        ich geb auf
        Unusual saying in German meaning: I give up/ I surrender

        remaining troops left to die.
        This Style reminds me of someone ;=)

        ich geb dir meine rohstoffe das do pumpen kannst ok
        I'll give you my resources so you can pump (tech/troops) k?

        du solltest dir ein ab boomen.
        You should boom a AB (?? )

        hat keinen Sinn mehr

        blue resigns
        As he wanted to do since 12:XX
        Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


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          thanks brain. i think he kept sending me messages by accident, when he tried to do the :P smiely, because the : prefix sends to enemies
          "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it. We have to leave this place, I am almost happy here."
          - Ender, from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card


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            if you havent watched the replay, and have a few miutes, skip ahead to 21:30, and watch the flanking manuever, it was pure genius, and if you have any doubts about flanking, they will be put to rest.
            "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it. We have to leave this place, I am almost happy here."
            - Ender, from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card


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              Yeah I kept wondering why he wanted to send you resources *g* ;=)
              Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


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                du slost dir ein ab boomen
                That means "you should boom like s*hit". "Abboomen" = "boom hard"

                Btw, I like your post and your replay, Uber KruX, but I just want to say that quitting is always based on a strategic misinterpretation. He didn't want to spoil the game or something, he just felt that the game was lost! I also had some games where my buddy resigned and the I won 2v1 (not on RoN, but AoC), but I also resigned 2 or 3 games where after watching the replay I had to admit that there were still chances left to win. So don't go too hard on him! Better resign one or 2 games (out of 100) too early, than stretching every game till last man!