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question on camouflage

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  • question on camouflage

    i've tried this a couple times in battle and it didn't seem to have any effect.

    1. do i have to be in my territory for it to work?

    2. do my units have to be stationary and not firing to get camouflaged?

    3. if my units engaged in battle do they lose the camouflage immediately?

    4. how useful is this really?

    thanks for all replies
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    No such concept in RoN as 'camouflage.' Do you mean 'entrenchment' maybe? If so, you do need to be in your territory for it to work and your units can't be moving when given the order. Entrenchment can be pretty useful as a defensive stance, especially against the AI. Entrenched machine gunners are especially nasty. Try experimenting with it and you'll catch on.


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      sorry i meant "ambush"


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        As Shirleyrocks states, there is no actual 'Camoflage' as such in Ron. However, there are some units that can remain 'Hidden' when not attacking. The Scout range, starting with Explorer (I think ) remains 'hidden' when not moving. The spy remains hidden even when moving, but becomes visible when using her 'craft'. Both, have their 'hidden' abilies removed however (can be seen ) if in range of an Observation Tower/ AA Site, & thus can be targeted. I believe the Russian spy might be the exception here, but don't quote me on that.

        One of the General's abilities is "Ambush", where all the units within his range become 'Camoflaged/Invisible' to the enemy until they open fire, this lasts for approx 60 game seconds & they can move in this state, thus being able to 'sneak up' on the enemy; but I believe this is also negated by the Observation Tower.

        My advice, when playing on Moderate or above, is get plenty of Observation Towers up, as the ai loves using spies to 'bribe' your soldiers. You will get a warning, & you'll probably see a faint outline of her, but you won't be able to target her until she's done the deed, unless you have Observation Towers up or have a scout or spy with your force. Scouts & your own speis are great at killing enemy spies. The Scout pulls out a knife & throws it, killing her instantly. I think your spy does the same, but I've not actually watched closely when that happens as the ai usually sends 2-3 at a time so I'm too busy 'scanning for her 'partner'.
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          if you fire, you lose the camo.
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            I always set my ambush units to 'hold fire' stance until they are in position.


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              I beleive one nice feature (mainly cause I could see the game designers putting this eitehr way) but I like the "feature" of ambush that if one unit fires, only that unit is visible to the enemy, the whole group of "Camoflaged" or "Ambushed" people stay hidden. which is nice
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                Really cool trick to do w/ ambush: use it in the middle of a fight.... they dont know how many supply wags u have. The comp used to own me with this, I'd play as russia, get some crazy atritton going and FREAK OUT when I couldnt see their wagons. Then I remembered scouts can see through ambush. I've never had an army w/o at least one scout since.


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                  but if the wagons move during casting, do they still become invisible?


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                    no, only if their fired upon, do they come visible
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