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Battle stories and Air fighting?

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  • Battle stories and Air fighting?

    I have noticed that many people have enjoyed reading other peoples reviews. So i would like it ,and im suue other people would to,if you would put some of your Battle/Game stories.

    Also is it true that it is really hard to control the air units and were they go? Thanks alot for those who considered reading, replying,and even puttinng the Battle stories up here.
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    I might post a story at some point, but to answer about controlling aircraft: Yes, if you try to control them individually. However, what I do is simply set a rally point for them (for the airport, actually): If I set in on a building, they will attack it until it is destoyed. If I set in on a plot of land, they will attack anything in the area ... units first, I think.

    Playing this way I have gotten the result I want almost every time with very little effort.
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      Look in the Strategy forum for some good game stories. Here are two involving me: Assassin game and 1v1 game .

      Also read this thread, which should be in Strategy but is actually in General instead, about how to control planes.
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        There's nothing sillier than seeing WWII-era fighters flying over your territory, to be engaged by your modern jet fighters. "Ratta-tatta-tatta" from the machine guns, then the modern fighters launch missiles at them.

        Using fighters for attacks into enemy territory is cool. I had a jet that swooped down on a mine, launched a few missiles as it pulled up; the missiles exploded near the mine causing 3 citizens to be rocketed into the air dead. It was so cool the way the animation played out.


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          Caesar Saladus - I agree I've seen a couple situations play out similiar to the one you described. I was in awe when I first used bombers and saw them differ in height when they went in for their bombing runs swoop back up loop around and repeat, all while varrying their height according... I was very impressed
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            It's fun to take out older-era units with new ones. I had an air wing of biplanes take out a couple modern jets once- that was cool too.
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