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attrition overrated?

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  • attrition overrated?

    i played a game against the cpu on tough, maya vs. random(japan), and the decisive battle came around the modern age.

    since i was lazy in setting unit behavior, they all pretty much went crazy chasing random enemy units (not that I cared, they were already finished). and I observed my tank in enemy territory taking attrition damage, and it didn't seem that much... like, 1 per 3 or 5 sec. I don't know what level they had their attrition at, and they also had a colosseum.

    that's not a lot of damage. it seemed pretty weak. a shot from a regular infantry would do like, 5 damage/2 sec.

    with that said, it seems that attrition is more psychological than damaging. i really don't think attrition would be a reason to build the colosseum or the kremlin, what with versailles, SoL, pyramid/colossus out there.

    it does help, and it will make or break battles with even armies... but unit choice, selection, and numbers are far more important than attrition where military is concerned. as far as wonders, i'd rather build econ wonders than attrition wonders (although Kremlim's +200 commerce is well worth it).

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    Attrition is effective early in the game where hit point is less. Also your research at granary will counter enemy attrition.


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      Its just like towers- yeah, they are a nuisance, and they will deal some damage, but a lone tower isn't much to sweat over. Neither is attrition IF you've taken the right precuations.

      But don't research forage, or build supply wagons vs. a high attrition nation with lots of territory, and your units will slowly melt.


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        Level one attrition is pretty weak. It doesnt stop me from attacking in most situations.