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    I really want to mod some scenarios or make my own. I have no experiance w/ scripting or anything near it. I went through all the tutorials i can get my hands on and yet i still have no idea what to do...the scripiting is way too confusing. Do i have to be some sorta hardcore java programer to understand this Jibba Jabba, or can i get it in like a couple of days? I have some good ideas but i dont know hwo to do skills stop as far as making a map, thats all i know how to do. I want to know how to make triggers, how to change nations names, how to make the Computer players do things (modify the AI). The tutorials i read just had scripting commands and some BS about syntax!!! (WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN?) Is their any IN-DEPTH noob-friendly tutorial on scripting?

    I would appreciate ur help...if i learn how i believe i can shurn out some damn good mods. Also i want to make some units using my new 3Dmax..but i dont think i can import existing sheit from the game.

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    I would assume it would be best to find a tutorial for just about any of the major languages, a "Beginners programming" tutorial, and take a day or two to look at that. I would immediately suggest Python's tutorial ( for Python's ease-of-use and beginner-friendliness, except it might not help amazingly too much with BHG scripting, since BHG scripting is more oriented towards C in both syntax and in the fact that there are a few variable types you need to keep track of.

    Thus, I guess a tutorial on C or C++ would be best. When you get down to it, all programming is the same, it's just a question of expressing logical constructs (high level operations) and managing this with a computer (low level operations). There are quite a few tutorials for various C/C++ things I've seen made by programmers with terrible style, so if a tutorial starts to just not make any sense, look for another one.


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      OUTSTANDING....u answered exactly what i was looking for...thanks bro