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    Just a follow up...played a 7player diplomacy last night on tough. I was Chinese and formed an ally with France. We worked together well and eliminated a few neighbors.

    Now for the twist I dropped a huge nuke on Macchu PIcchu and another in a cluster of barracks/siege/factory of our only opponent left the incas. Now I am not sure when but France dropped me as an ally. (Maybe I killed some of their troops in the splash damage? Or maybe they had agreements with the Inca's)???

    They were basically assimilating all the towns we took from the defeated guy (we were working toward the incas and sent Japan to defeat) as I had had pulled many of my troops to squelch an uprising near my capital. So the 3 or 4 cities from the Japanese went to them.

    We were on the doorstep of the INcas and altho I didnt own the land I was building baracks etc on their turf cause they were ally. Then after I launched the nukes I wasnt able to create a barracks on their land and I noticed I was moved back to peace from ally. So I pulled out all my troops allied with the Incas who were more than happy to and stabbed the French in the back for a 85% Territory win.

    Not sure if it was because I was on tough this time that it dropped me as ally where it never did on Moderate. However I must say I sometimes limit how far the game can go and leave out the nuke ages which also may be why I havent seen this before. Would like to hear input from some other Quick Battle Diplomacy players on Tough for some more conclusive data.