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Are Unique units unique?

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  • Are Unique units unique?

    I notice that many of the UUs have the same specs as the generic model, for example British Highlanders. Is the difference hidden somewhere else? (e.g. bonus for fighting counters?), or is the only difference the design? I could not find any diffferences for highlanders and standard light infantry (musketeers) in unitrules.xml. Incidentally, where are the numbers for attack bonus versus counters located? The answer could lie there. If there is no difference, then this would seem to be a bug.

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    no its not a bug. Have you ever noticed that a antintank rifle has 21 damage, never deals 21 damage to a light infantry or another antitank rifle, yet it kills a light tank in a few shots. About the same thing is a Highlander. The Highlander may not have higher attack, but try to mass up 10 highlander units attacking 10 antitank