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Kremlin: Not Powerful Enough

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  • Kremlin: Not Powerful Enough

    Even without the pop cap, spy and oil bonuses you want, it's a completely unbalanced wonder.

    I don't think its needs fixing, but if you must do so perhaps this works;

    Increases attrition by 25% (but doesn't negate Statue of Liberty or Supply Wagon unit healing effects)
    Increases border influence of temples
    Reduced Fortress research by 25% (after all Russians are good at tactics and spying)

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    The Kremlin Wonder raises your Commerce level for Food, Timber, and Metal by +200. It also increases the number of farms per city (normally five) by two, as well as the number of workers per Woodcutter and Mine, by the same number. The Kremlin also doubles the damage suffered by unsupplied enemy units while in your territory. And, finally, if you build the Kremlin, you gain the use of an extra Spy who is not counted against your population limit. If this Spy is killed, he is automatically rebuilt at no cost.
    That's a damn fine wonder! Certainly not weak.
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      Actually, it looks like you don't get extra farms and wood/metal slots, that must have been taken out. All other things are still great though!
      "I just nuked some poor bastard still in the Enlightenment age. that radioactive mushroom cloud sure enlightened his ass."
      - UberKruX


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        No offense, but your nuts.

        Kremlin is my favorite wonder, +200 caps on your economy is huge. The spy is rather pointless, but the attrition is useful.

        Still the best wonder that you can get at that stage in the game, IMO.


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          Dude, if you always play with "see everything" on, you're not the right person to rate ANY wonders.
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            The Kremlin gives you quite a few wonder points too. Built it for that if you are going for a wonder victory.


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              If you think 2 extra slots on resource piles is better than +200 commerce cap u seriously dont understand RoN at all....

              Anyone who only plays with "see everything" on shouldnt be so presumptious to offer balance suggestions either. You obviously havnt been online. The Kremlin is completely worth it.

              Anyone whos worth their salt will tell u how good the Kremlin is.


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                Whoa there.

                'see everything' is a very usefull tool for learning to play an RTS. It takes exploring out and allows you to concentrate on other aspects until you are ready.

                I think that 2 extra slots could be better in certain circumstances (ie few mountains or forests make it impossible to hit the max to begin with) The fact that it was removed lends me to believe that it was considered too powerful to begin with.

                I think a compromise would have been better, say +100 to the caps and add 1 slot instead of 2.

                Tass, though

                The very fact that you play with see everything speeks to the usefulness of the space program, does it not? You are essentially giving yourself it's major benefit for free....
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                  Dude, you'd rather have 2 extra miner slots rather than +200 mine cap? wtf are you going to do with those 2 extra slots when your at the cap already? I don't think your running your economy correctly. I *always* have more room for food/wood expansion (and sometimes metal, depends on the map) but i'm always hitting the cap. +200 cap is insane. If anything this wonder is overpowered, not underpowered (don't forget the extra double attrition it does to your enemies!)

                  The spy thing is also really cool.
                  "I just nuked some poor bastard still in the Enlightenment age. that radioactive mushroom cloud sure enlightened his ass."
                  - UberKruX


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                    depends ofcourse on the timeframe.. those +x on caps dont help you past 999.. and (might be my strat) i tend to hit last Age before building the kremlin.....

                    ofcourse.. i only played the demo


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                      yes bridger right, seeing that each citizen collects 10 units per time period. +200 cap on 3 resources equal 20x3 =60 extra citizens u can out to work. Increasing the food/wood and metal slots by two per city at 8 cities only give u 48 extra citizens to work but if your cap isnt increased also that 48 villagers taking pop cap for no use.
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                        i havnt seen a single game with see all on... play with the standard settings, thats what the game is balanced on. Seeing everything is the ability of an Info Age wonder, and you just take that for free every game.

                        Also, you argument about researching commerce is faulty. Yes you research commerce to increase caps, but Kremlin adds +200 to those caps which commerce cant. So i dont understand how you consider researching commerce+0 as useful as commerce+200.


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                          Are you friggin crazy? KREMLIN IS THE BOMB DIGGITY! Seriously people! The spy thing is kinda cool, the res cap bonus can be really handy, but the attrition is CRAZY! Maybe its just me and the fact that I scream "for mother Russia!" whenever I play, but this thing HURTS. Sure, supply wagons, blah de blah... people, supply wagons drop like flies! Send some light cav to rip em apart, use some ranged units, maybe even planes. Hell, I've been known to launch missiles at my opponents last supply truck. Atrittion will decimate an army. At the very least, they will retreat. I guess, if you're on offence all the time, or winning the game, it doesn't help, but the Kremlin can really turn the tide.


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                            right tassadar, you dirty russian.

                            to couter your argument i propose that the statue of liberty be given the powers of every other wonder, and that the torch be replaced with a laser rifle capable of destroying entire cities across the map, razing them to the ground. also, it should be free.
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                              Actualy, the Kremlin in the game isn't THE KREMLIN. The building is St. Basil's Cathedral, just outside the Kremlin's walls.
                              It was build in celebration of the Russian victory over the Tartars.
                              What's the conection with the free spy?