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Chat gone in late multi player games

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  • Chat gone in late multi player games

    My friend and i play via isp multi player games. Everything works fine until we both max out our populations (200+)and have a huge war in the late game then the chat writing will be gone. I can hear the sound when i hit enter after i type and i can hear his sound after he types but we cant see the writing. Is this a PC problem or a game problem?

    We both have P3 500's with cable modems, newer video cards, over 500 ram and have no other problems in the game, we dont even get any lag.

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    happens to me too in the same type of scenario, my chat dissapears but i still seem to send the msg, amd xp 2000 + 768 ddram and my friends pc is p3 933mhz 512sdram


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      Same thing here.


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        I really hope they do fix this in the next patch! I hate it once you cant see what the other people are trying to type.


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          Gunny! Dude you need to open your eyes when you play and not get too scared.. It's ok man take a deeeep breath......You open your eyes yet, see the chat box is there everything is fine!

          Gunny playin me online I'm losing oh no What? Howd he nuke me?

          Damn it!
          My expression while winning: ROFL

          Me the past couple days .......

          Brandon when you gonna be on?
          Tonite .... 1 hr later....

          Gunny Huh? He said he waz gunna be online later "Timmy"! Guess i'll go watch South Park Re-Runs!
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            thats a lot of gad damned smileys.
            "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it. We have to leave this place, I am almost happy here."
            - Ender, from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card


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              Well, it seems that your issue has been resolved
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                No it hasnt, we still cant see the chat. And poor brandon cant see the score cause he hasnt won a game yet


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                  Sorry. Well, it seemed to fit your problem perfectly . Does this happen in a certian age? Maybe you should chat with BHG about this...
                  Last edited by MattH; June 11, 2003, 21:20.
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                  Now watch this drive!