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How to play as turtle..

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  • How to play as turtle..

    I wondering about how do I turtle..

    If I want to upgrade my tech very fast with quick expand and start research like...

    1. Science
    2. Civil --> start build base 2, gather timber and food
    3. Commerce
    4. Civil --> start build base 3,
    5. Commerce or Classical Age

    what's the best way to defend my base ?
    1. halt some research and start research military and build turret.
    2. build fort ?

    oh I forget this is my plan for play with Medium AI 1 on 1.

    Last game I got blow with lots nuclear that I cannot counter my opponent and lost at the end.

    I need to improve my strategy.
    moreover, at last game.. I do not know I can send archer to garrison in tower and that will make my tower stronger..

    but are there anyway to stop enemy siege unit ? or just have to use cavalry to counter it only ?

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    on medium, which i win about half of the time so far (bloodily, yes, but) i usually go

    science and civil right off the bat, then build lots and lots of settlers, funnelling everything i can into research.

    i build two barracks or so and one stable, and pump out a small force for defense.

    at the end game, i usually then build a massive force.