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Why is Gamesuck the preferred MP matchmaker?

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  • Why is Gamesuck the preferred MP matchmaker?

    I just started using this for the first time and have noticed something. Gamespy sucks. I'm used to instant, no bull matchmaking without the sound effects and voice-overs. Not to mention the unstable environment. I love RoN, but maybe we should start a matchmaking thread where we can hook up via IP addy. I would imagine that is an option.

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    While IP playing is an option, everyone needs some matchmaking. And guys at BHG didn't make their own, like, say Ensemble did for Age of Mythology. While agree that Gamespy is bad, and it's a down overall, hey, it doesn't impact the multiplayer games themselves too much, so I don't have too much of a problem with it. I do, though, wonder why did they go for Gamespy.
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      Was probably just easier for them. The regular Gamespy browser out of game does suck, but the in-game browser works fine and I don't find it annoying or anything. I just hope BHG will implement something to allow user-made scenarios/mods to be transferred to other players through the browser so they can be more widespread.
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        I like Gamespy Arcade. That may have something to do with the fact that I paid for it when they were offering lifetime upgrades ...

        I like the features, and I don't get any ads.

        But that's beside the point ... why would you use Gamespy Arcade to find RoN matches? There's no ads in the built-in browser, and it's got everything there with a nice layout. Plus the few glitches I've noticed, BHG has mentioned will be fixed in the next patch.
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          Why? Money, of course. Not sure who profits in it, gamespy or bhg, but that's generally the rationale behind most business decisions. Happily, IP connect works far better than in, say, Age of Mythology, and if you find a good community of people you never have to play on gamespy -- on the site I frequent,, there's about 20-30 people who play RoN so it's pretty easy to get a game going anytime.


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            DO NOT use gamespy arcade, use the in-game multiplayer interface instead. Problem solved.


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              Originally posted by Solver
              While IP playing is an option, everyone needs some matchmaking. And guys at BHG didn't make their own, like, say Ensemble did for Age of Mythology.

              Actually they did, go to RoN main menu, click "multiplayer" then click 'matchmaking" and voilla! your in BHG's matchmaking service.

              The matchmaking is powered by gamespy servers, but that's the only gamespy part about it.
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