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Multiplayer connection problems

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  • Multiplayer connection problems

    We have 2 computers (XP OS) on a lan connecting to the internet through a Linksys router (BEFW11S4v2).

    Situation 1: Our 2 lan computers can connect with each other and play fine.

    Situation 2: Someone outside the lan hosts a game. Our 2 computers can connect via directip and play fine.

    Situation 3: One lan computer hosts the game. The person outside the lan can connect via directip and play fine. (The other lan computer is not playing.)

    Situation 4: One Lan computer hosts the game. The other lan computer and the outside person connect via directip. After about 15 seconds, someone ends up dropping out.

    Upnp is enabled on both XP computers and on the router.

    Any ideas on why situation 4 isn't working? (We also pulled down the latest patch, and we have 3 licensed copies of the game.)

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!