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I need help with the New Orion's

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  • I need help with the New Orion's

    How bigger are their reserves? I an smashe by fighters with green rays weapon, i need a good strategy to take they out and land troops on orion, i wanna kick they from the galaxy, help

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    The NO's are very strong, but once you get to the stage of having several armadas full of superdreadnoughts you can take them on and win. The main planet is the toughest nut to crack but it can be done.
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      Superdreadnoughts with a lot of fusion weaponry work, as long as you have some serious PD for the fighters. And I mean serious. Figure 20 PDs per armada.
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        Figure 20 PDs per armada.


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          Heh, I went in with about 5 armadas of Levi's with Stellar and point defense and 2 carrier armadas and 2 IF armadas. Them Orions had no chance, I had to cringe though, when they knocked out all my long range levi's, missle volleys hurt , ouch!! Use levithans sparingly, they cost too much , but sure can deliver the blows. I use Leviathans as Long Range escorts, they are the ones to get hit first but last longer than Indirect or Carrier leviathans


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            No need for PDs if you just hit your head against NOs with missile ships.


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              Originally posted by AntaranX
              No need for PDs if you just hit your head against NOs with missile ships.
              Its a bit of an inelegant solution, wouldn't you say, hmm? Superdreads with LR beams combined with Titan PD ships (and the best ECM/Scanners) should do the job with a certain style.

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                Originally posted by Tuomerehu

                no need to be suprised, he's using mod. There's mod that allows up to 255 ships in single armada. (and yes it'll near freeze low end comp [like mine])

                most pll should realise the possibility someone is not using some(any) of the mods available. no offence intented
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