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Where did my ground troops go?

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  • Where did my ground troops go?

    Has anyone noticed that ground troops dissapear from the reserves? Do they have something like a "lifespan" or what could it be?
    I specifically remember building several magnate civ troops (low G as opposed to my extreme G eloadi) and they dissapeared from the reserves after some time...

    Btw.. killed my first guardian yesterday.
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    The list doesn't show you everyhing.
    If you select from the drop down list only the armour or psy-ops or enything else you will see all of them, including the missing ones.


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      Even with the Filters active you donīt see all of your troops.

      It often happened to me that the list showed me for example, that I hadnīt any experienced Gargantuan Battloids left within my Reserves, but as I chose a couple of Experienced humanoid Battloid-Units for my Army suddenly the missing gargantuan Battloids appeared on the List.

      So even the filtered list has limited Space for the Units shown (although the filtered lists of course show a lot more of the Units you want and therefore are a Necessity). I hope they fix it in a patch.
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        I wanna see a task force AND army mod, not just task force. Gimme a 255-troop army any day.
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          Filters would be perfect but I would even settle with just being able to scroll through the reserves list.


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            Would be nice to keep unrest in shape with ground troops on the planet but now it seems like there is no effect if troops are in or not


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              A less specific filter that let you view only combat troops or only support troops would also be nice.