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    I'm really confused on how to deal with population from different races & colonizing.

    I want to colonize each planet with the correct type of population for that planet. How that is handled by the game?

    How does colonizing magnate civ's brings benefits?

    Setting the 'migration' to one planet sends the 'wrong' king of people there?

    Why once happened that I conquered one insectoid planet in one system and next turn on three other of my own systems outposts appeared with insectoid population there, where before there were nothing?

    This aspect of the game is still fuzzy to me

    I would appreciate any help!

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    You can go to the mod section and dl the encyclopedia - tell how fast/slow each race groes ( pop bonus), what they use for food , etc.....

    It is best at first to colonize planets that are sweet spots, green 1, green 2, or yellow. Food out put is very important if you are going to colonize everything and anything you can as i do. But doesnt mean you cant colonize red planets--most of them are rich/very rich and can produce good amount of minerals. You can also turn those red planets into research planets or industrial planets and have food shipped in. But early it is wise just to go for the few above.

    magnate civ adds to your empire in a few good ways and a few bad ways. 1st most of the magnate civs colonize red planets, few will go after yellow. It adds planets to your empire and doesnt cost you the time and effort to build and send colony ships to other planets. Having 2-3 magnate civs will double if not tripple your empire/pop later in the game. Downfall is they consume food/minerals etc... If you have a food problem and your mag civ starts to colonize planets you may run into a problem. But it is wise to have a few.

    Migration is good to have on. I turn that on for all of my planets. If people are going to leave one planet best to have them go to another than none at all. Also can increse pop of a low pop planey increasing output and industry. When having a magnate civ they do not migrate to your pre-exsisting planets, but your race will migrate to their planet. Lot of time you will see 100% evon, or 50% of another race and 50% of your race--these are usually magnate or planets you won through battle. If you dont want that bomb the planet till everything is dead.

    There are a few posts on this you can search for, read some of the mods with extra info in them, and more will add to this.

    I do believe everything i said is right-so far it is in my games.


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      (agrees with SINISTER)

      Magnate civilizations are semi-autonomous. This is a really good thing as long as you operate with that in mind. They will expand to neighboring star systems on their own. Just keep a healty overrage of food and minerals, and this will only aide your expansion across the star lanes.
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        I know system colony ships are race-related, that is the race on the new colony is the same as where the system ship is built. Since colony ships are pool in reserves, it is hard to tell. But it is possible that your new colonies may have other races on it. I have seen it happening.


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          A colony ship should have population same as the majority of the population on the planet that built it.


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            Originally posted by SINISTER1974

            It is best at first to colonize planets that are sweet spots, green 1, green 2, or yellow.
            The problem is "sweet spot", "green 1" are RELATIVE to YOUR race, not to the others I conquered.

            Suppose I conquer a race that likes to live in "Red 2" planets.

            So far, after 2000 turns played in 5 games, I haven't found a way to colonize Red planets with the correct population, thus making them work like they were a sweetspot.



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              Usually when you have multiple race colonies it's because more than one ship dropped down. They'll usually do that if the colony isn't established yet. I've also noticed the AI likes to migrate populations around so a colony with a mixed population will usually move the smaller pop off to another planet with a majority of that pop type.

              brainman- are you sure about that? I've colonized Red 2 planets that appear off the charts for my race but list green 1 or 2 for the inhabiting race. I'll see if I can find some examples and post them up here somewhere.


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                Well only make colony ships from your 100% pop planets. First 50 turns i make only colony ships from my home world, because i can make them fast, and they are 100% of my pop. Doesnt slow me down latter in the game becuse usually by turn 50-75 i have well over 30+ planets colonized. But i am also very selective of what planets i colonize early in the game and how i set the dea's up.

                Then ill use one of my 100% pop industrial planets to pump out colonyx5 and land all 5 onto a red or yellow planet, with the extra pop im landing there i can start mass production of bases, defense, and dea's.

                I also micro every aspect of my game--i dont let the AI do anything for me unless i have A LOT of planets and taking me to long. During MP games ill only develope a few planets on my own and let the AI do the rest.

                Its on how well you organize and deploy your ships, colonies, etc... that gives you a better empire.
                Think before you build and land on a planet.

                Red panets are good to get btw just not early in the game unless you have no other planets to colonize--just saying green and sweet spots will help pump out the food so you can build like crazy. I have often build 30-40 planets right away as fast as i could-and had starvation problems waiting for my pop and ndustry to pick up to either man the dea's or bild them. Now i have limited myself and played around with how fast i can build to how long it takes to build more dea's.


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                  Originally posted by Harry Seldon
                  brainman- are you sure about that? I've colonized Red 2 planets that appear off the charts for my race but list green 1 or 2 for the inhabiting race. I'll see if I can find some examples and post them up here somewhere.
                  I've checked this out with Magnate Civs. After you colonize one of their worlds, they start spreading around independently, making colonies. These colonies show up in the map as Red 1 or 2, but in the planet screen they show up as Green 1 or 2, which is nice, because they are composed by the magnate civ pop.

                  Still have to check if this happen on my manually built colonies.



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                    Would be nice to see the terraforming chart of magnate civs...


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                      You can find info about it in the spreadsheets ... But it would be much more convenient if the chart in the down right corner was always shown for the dominant population, not your race .... QS will have to fix this.
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