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No disc in drive problem. Help please.

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  • No disc in drive problem. Help please.

    I am trying to load MOO3 onto my computer. I put the Cd into the CD drive and nothing happens although it should start auto-linstalling.

    I click onto the My Computer icon to install the game manually but then get a message advising that there is no disc in the drive.

    Does anyone have any idea what I can do to cause my computer to recognise that there is a disc in the CD drive?

    BTW The CD is clean, no smudges or scratches. The computer is a fairly new Hewlett Packard with Home_XP operating system..

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    Try copying all of the install files from the disc to an empty directory and doing an install from there.

    Who knows..


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      I get a similar error message with many games asking me to reinsert the CDROM. Reinserting never works. Restarting Windows never works. Shutting down Windows and turning off the machine completely and letting it sit for at least two minutes nearly always works.
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        If the CD is fine then it could well be the CD drive itself. Does it recognise CD's other than the MOO3 CD? If not, its likely the drive. Try some more CD's and see what happens. If other CD's work, you know its the MOO3 CD. Basic process of elimination!

        Oh, and from my experience of HP computers, being new doesn't always make them any good


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          You might need to reinstall your cd driver. I have the same problen in the past.
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