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Dominus Galaxia (Master of Orion like game)

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  • Dominus Galaxia (Master of Orion like game)

    I spent endless hours playing Master of Orion 1 in the 90s so this sounds good! Pretty much a love letter to MOO1.. infinite techs.. dynamic AI.. wormhole/starlane game or not.. super customizable UI & gameplay. What's even crazier is that he's released the latest build (not just a demo) of the game for free on his kickstarter. Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff! :P

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    Sadly it looks like it probably won't get funding in time.. got pretty close too.


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      Well it got funded in the end so I was glad to be wrong lol!

      Speaking of which I've found yet another love letter to Master of Orion except this one is more MOO2 like! Has anyone here tried Interstellar Space Genesis? If so was it good? Was it stable? Apparently the indie team behind it consists of only 2 people haha! It looks pretty awesome so am thinking about trying it out now that it's finally on sale (it's normally pretty pricey lol).