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    Hello all,

    I have dowloaded and installed the megamod 3.3 (which I suppose is the latest) and while playing had these problems:

    - my planets still build up troop ships like crazy. Was that not changed in mod?
    I tried to erase design for it and create a new design (bigger ship, a lot more costla so that my AI won't buid them so much) but I still got old design showing up and its tons of ship along. How do I go around this?

    - I got 1 leader/ turn so I could dismiss like crazy and customize my 4 leaders to my liking. Is this ok? I think that leader joining should happend minimum on 5 turns not 1 turn (and that would still be too much)
    AND to this bug I think is linked something else: by turn 200 I did not received any more leaders when the old one died.

    - Ho do I figure out what techs can be trade for what? None of my offers were accepted by other civs so far. The only way I was able to trate techs was when they offered trade to me.

    - Why do my plannets build up scouts and troops and troop ships like crazy? I cannot micromanage 300+ planets by turn 250 so I have to thrust AI. But AI only builds ground combat troups. I WANT BIG SHIPS AND SPACE COMBAT not invasion.
    I suppose enemy civs have the same problems. That is why those civs are not smashing me all over the galaxy?

    - what consequence has manipulating opressometer on morale when turning back to original place? I've read something about gov heavy foot decreasing.
    I do not understand what that heavy foot is. Is it goot if low or if high?

    - I think that Council Presidency winning mode is too easy. I played (cy)borgs, was not in council and by turn 270 or so I was preparing my anti-guardian armadas (tech levels 25-27 but fleet older) while smashing my second enemy civ (first was an incipient harvester and the second as a plain old human) and suddenly I got inside the council. I dit not want that. Also I found out I had about 3000 votes (whyle NO had a little over 1000 and another civ had allmost 1700 or so) and since there was a presidency voting in the next 4-5 turns I won. BUT I WANTED TO KICK THAT GUARDIAN'S ASS!!!!
    I felt like I got bribed ) here you go nice borg: take the leadership and stop messing around.

    - How do I know what magnate races I have to my use? After I colonize the magnate planet there is no note about the magnate race and characteristics anywhere.
    And how do I control that magnate race? I like that it colonizes for me but it colonizes the red1 or red2 planets and I do not have access to them even if there are mine. Will I ever get access to those planets?

    - How do I invade properly? It seems I need more than troops in troop ships on orbit since it happend lots that I had those ships full of PO5 marines eager to kick ass but no fight event occured. It only let me fight when an enemy vessel came accidentally in that system (I had separately some packs of fighting ships too, so I could engage in space combat before groud invasion, but even whith those it happened - sometimes- that no attack planet event occured). So what to do?

    - where is the pollution? In moo2 I knew that production turned into pollution, but here I do not see the effects on my population or industry.

    - what does unexpected positive overrun mean?
    What is the negative overrun?

    Here are my custom picks I used:

    Res -20

    Trade -60 (what do I need trade for?????? since very few civs like those robots and since my production is super great)

    Econ -20 (goes well with this too)

    Acc +10 for good ground borg unit (since AI builds tons of troops and transporters for them anyway)

    Refl +10 same as above

    Gov +60 is this wort it? I only played with this and never with those lower type of governments

    Citizen +40 works well

    Rich homeworld (+10)

    Cunning -40 (do not need super great spies. Just push opressometer one line over my max allowed and put some unexperienced spies in defence). This too worked well. I did not get a chance to play multiplayer so it would be - probably- my death vs Human players

    Creativ -20 Still ok

    Natural Engineers: +10

    Tolerant +10 (even if I do not understand what is the moo3 effect of polution)

    Antaran +10 (did discover some 3 techs in 300 turns. Is it worth it?)

    For the Council +10 for yes or no: this is pointless since if you want out you have just to piss of one or two members and then propose yourself out. I think those two would sustain your proposal :-)
    If you want in, just make yourself a good friend of one of those members and will get in eventually without anyone asking your own oppinion.
    And who wants in? What for? For 4-8 initial diplomacy parteners? What those for, so that they might spy you behind your back?

    I did abuse the 1 leader / turn bug to get a +40% or +35% to my mining (CRUCIAL) and some good ground combat advantage (10-15%) and some reduced fleet maintenance cost.

    I played normal, 3 arm galaxy huge with 11 AI civs and 1 me :-)

    Thanks ahead for any help

    Best regards,

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    Under the file MilitaryAI.txt, change the ship ratio for the transport to zero. Even if you make the design obsolete, you have to manually remove them from the planet military queue. It seems you have a limited pool of leaders. They don't regenerate. Once you exhausted that pool, no more leaders. To trade tech, you must know what they want. Certain races have preference for certain type of tech. You have also to offer them a sweetened deal. Also under the MilitaryAI file, you can set troop ratio for all to zero. This should disable troop building. Build them yourself. Specialized your planets to make building ships easier. Colonizing may be difficult for red planets, so you should use about 4 colonizing ships. You have to keep colonizing until the planet name first letter become capital. All grounds troops build at magnate colony should gain magnate race ability. The same goes to captured colonies. If you build system ship here, other colonies in the system should also be from the magnate race. You should disable the 2 check box at the newgame creation screen if you want to kick Orion's and Guardians' ass.