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Saving and loading Development Plans

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  • Saving and loading Development Plans

    Please, please, please let them make saving and loading development plans a priority in their first patch!

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    Second this. That part of the game is NOT well thought out.

    Another part is the dev plan screen itself. One should be able to set all 3 items at once and then commit so that it doesn't take so long to enter all those choices. The programmer should be hung (in effigy, of course)


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      Iv also found several bugs where after you have deleted a specific dev plan, such as core, you can never put it back.

      I have a game that is almost at the end where i made the mistake of deleting core dev plan and now i cant use it.


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        Can't you set a new one up with the same parameters? I killed all my development plans after I was assured victory in my current game to focus more on research. I didn't have any problems with it. Of course, remembering what I had previously would pose a bit larger larger problem...


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          I think that plan saves would be great, as well as having the power to set all three choices at once, and also a 'development plan' for updating ship designs. These would save loads of time.
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