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    Yes, and getting along with the Orion Senate under control of the Antarans (who run the galaxy and exteriminate other species), actually means that you are siding with the enemy of the original Orions who use to run the Galaxy.

    Also solving the 5 X and msytery of the Antarans may help one to understand the Galaxy in which one lives, but the only win to this game is still to defeat those who run the Galaxy, and restore control (as perhaps being descendents of the original Orions or some genetic experiment, perhaps, but not the genetic experiment of the Antarans and their biological became self-aware extermination species, in which case the Antarans may possibly not be able to control anymore).!


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      Even if you win by 5X, you have to slag those Antaran bas****s! I still remember those fleets in MOO2! I don't care what they call themselves, They WILL DIE!