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    Re: Stop Doing That!!

    Originally posted by justjake73
    Has anyone had this happen? I update my colony ship or outpost with the latest engine, play a few turns, save, come back, and those ships have reverted back to the previous engine?!?!?
    What do you mean by "those ships"?
    1) Anything already built (in the reserve box or deployed in a task force) will keep the design it was built with.
    2) Anything already in a production queue will be built with the design in effect when it was added to the queue even if you make the old design obsolete and/or create a new one with the same name.
    3) NOTHING you do on the turn you save, gets saved. Since we are talking about ship designs, if you make a new ship design, add some ships of that design to a planetary build queue and save without hitting the turn button, that new design will not be saved, and ships with that design will not exist in any build queue. Can you say BUG!!!
    4) As far as I know (which I will admit is not very much when it comes to this game) there is no way to literally "update" a ship design. You need to make the old design obsolete and create a new one, which you can give the same name if you want.
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      Don't forget to scrap the old design if you want to truly eliminate it. That will clear the build queues as well as the old fleet. It's a good way to remove the older troop transports out to make room for the bigger, faster troop ships. Or to make your fleet list a little more realistic. There's nothing more fantastic than looking at your fleet in task force creation and thinking you'll murder someone, attacking, and realizing the amazing force you're sitting on is 99.9% troop ship.