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DEA buildings and microamangement

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  • DEA buildings and microamangement

    There doesn't seem to be any way to add 'upgrades' to your planet/DEA manually. I wanted to micromanage the DEA planning for systems. However, whenever an 'upgrade' became available, I couldn't find a way to manually add it (examples: hydroponics, space port etc).
    Only the planets where the AI was in control would add these items. If they're going to let you manually plan your DEA, they should either automatically apply the DEA buldings/upgrades or give you the menu to do so.

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    I agree that it sucks, but you either get the AI doing stupid things (troop transports, diverting AU to military improvements that aren't needed yet) and building improvements, or you get nothing.
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      There is a mod to let you queue up those structures.