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MoO2 Win XP PRO problem

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  • MoO2 Win XP PRO problem

    I've searched the board looking for a fix for this problem and have yet to find it.

    Executable Version:
    Orion95.exe (v 1.31)
    The version I bought does not have the DOS executable

    The problem:

    When running MoO2 the cursor is EXTREMELY laggy/jummpy. It seems to get worse as more and more animations are on the screen at once, and, if anyone was wondering, disabling animations does not help in the slightest.

    I have already tried the compatibilty layer fix, the disabling directdraw fix, and copying the CD to my HD. None of these has worked.

    Here's hoping someone here can help.



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    You should have an Orion2,exe which I think is the Dos version of the game, both game on the CD.


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      I had this problem on Ascendancy in XP PRO, but not a hitch with Moo2. I did not do anything special just install, apply the 1.31 patch and play.


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        As I said, the CD only has the win 95/98 exe on it.

        Funnily enough, the setsound.exe is there, but no orion2.exe



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          I have the exact same problem using win2k pro.

          Going to try the DOS version on my Win2k server next, hoping that will work
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