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  • about the AI aggressiveness

    I have heard many people say that the AI is so Aggressive that it will NEVER invade your planets with ground troops (with no AI mods anyway, I don't know about a game with mods). Well one of my planets was just invaded and taken over by ground troops (my game is set to hard). Maybe this is an extreme rarity in this game but I have been invaded with ground troops and the biggest enemy fleet in my game is bigger than my only big fleet (ok so this just shows how much I suck). I was quite sad when I heard some people say that the AI would never invade you planets but now I am happy to see that while it may be a rare thing it can happen. . well this is the first time and I am past turn 200 and they have been blockading almost all my planets for almost all the game (again I suck the AI ainít good) so the AI still dose need patching.

    quick edit--> while playing again I was invaded a second time but I beat off the invading army
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