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  • Battleship Problem

    I've got planets that have the Shipyard Capacity to build Battleships, but the Shipyards don't seem to be able to design a Battleship. In an earlier game I could design and schedule a BB (it never was completed).

    What could be preventing the Shipyard from designing ships that the Planets have the capacity to build? Is it some Technology issue? If so then how can the Planets learn the technology to build a ship that the Shipyard can't design?

    This game is frustrating. I start playing and liking it a lot, then I run into something that is just plain stupid.
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    This happened to me with Titans, except in reverse, I could design Titans, but none of my shipyards could build them.

    Meaning that I didn't have the required infrastructure available.

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        You need one tech to have the knowledge of any ship (in this case a BB) and then you need to have enough ship building techs to get the planet up to the level that it can build the ship.
        Basic System Module +1 (usually to DD)
        Space Environment Module + 1
        Matter conversion Module + 1 (now up to cruiser)
        Material Processor + 1
        Automated Assembly Module + 1 (now BB)
        Of course they can be added in any order, one does not lead to a specific class of ship.