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  • AI landing party :surrender

    After reading so many post about AI will not land invasion army on planet, I too was convince that AI was not capable of that till last night. My game was at turn 262, playing the human unmodified. I was sharing the system with Psilon and Cynoid. I have 2 planets in that system, both are rich. I was not at war with the Cynoid but guess they want my juice planets and since the planets were just developing, having very little troops, the AI might think it was easy prey. So at turn 262, Cynoid declared war against me, slaughtered my sytem defense forces, and landed a whole army comprise of battlenoids, marines, and commandos. Needless to say that my militia doesn't even stand a chance. I guess the AI is capable of large scale invasion if they have enough resources and time to develop. I hope you guys find this story interesting.

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    Yes ... I hope you have a saved game or two ...


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      I got invaded last night too. I was in an on again-off again war with one of the gas bag empires and didn't really think to much of it. Then, they invaded one of my planets, destroyed my bases, landed some troops and killed my militia. In the long run this was a poor strategy for them because I switched gears to conquering them instead of peaceful expansion into the unoccupied planets - but it was nice to see the AI invade and take over a planet instead of just blockading.


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        I think maybe it just takes the AI a lot longer to build up those kinds of forces. Turn 262 is pretty far into the game allowing the AI to do such things. Some games it seems the AI is weak and stupid, and some games looks like it has potential. Last night in an MP game one of the AI's was an ithkul--it made huge fleets all the way through the game--attacking me left and right. And then sometimes seems like a detachment of frigates/destroyers can wipe out every AI. But i think there is much work to be done--but still a great game. I have tried grey's mod pack and havent seen to much difference YET-but im only on turn 50 ---so more time to see how the AI developes.


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          I had the Ithkul invading one of my Planets at ~turn 160.

          They had Troops worth of 4400 Points.

          Maybe they base the likeliness of an Attack on a combined Ratio of Importance of the World and how near it is to the Borders of the enemy Race.
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            I've never had a problem with the AI invading any of my worlds in a shared system. They occasionally manage an invasion from a neighbouring system too. The likelihood of them invading a planet two or more star jumps from their nearest base seems very low at present.
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