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DEA construction stops for several turns with DEAs still in planning...

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  • DEA construction stops for several turns with DEAs still in planning...

    I've had this happen in each game I've played so far:

    A planet will be building several DEAs, and have several more selected in planning. Then after completing the ones in construction, it stops building any more for several turns - no building at all, even when there's half a dozen DEA in planning.

    It doesn't seem to matter if they were just selected, or selected several turns ago - I haven't noticed any pattern.

    AI is turned off, there's money in the treasury, and nothing.

    Any ideas or has anyone had this problem?
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    I think it may be a population thing, I've seen that happen on some newly developed planets with low populations.


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      DEA won't continue building if the requirement not met like free population required to operate it and also the cost to build it. You can set migration on to increase its population.


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        What do I set to make the DEA build faster?

        The Normal Economic Dev or the Terraforming?

        I've got a starving planet that would be a powerhouse if I could get it growing a tiny bit of food. I've increased the Terraforming to like 18%, the military and planetary construction are in the multi hundred turns. But, the VR is still 29 turns away from the first DEA, which is Industry.
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          Like I said, if you set migration on, people will flock to that planet, so that DEA building can be continue without a hitch. Unless there is labor available or you have some robotic tech, this is only thing you can do.


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            Iíve noticed that your allocations will Ďstealí from each other. So, if you crank the Military bar to the max you will short infrastructure. Likewise, if you invest early in terraforming you will have less resources for building DEAs or military. The total funds is planet tax plus grants, so I am never sure exactly what is funded. But, the AI does occasionally put a lot of resources into terraforming a size 1 world or building some less-than-useful infrastructure improvement when it should be building industry/food/mining to get going or a missile base to keep the barbarians at bay.

            Iíve also noticed the AI will occasionally stop building planned DEAs. When I check the DEA utilization it is almost always underutilized. I inferred that non-building of DEAs is due to 1) population/utilization and 2) other planetary budget allocations.


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              From my Civ/Civ II and SMAC days, I've always been a micromanager, so I don't let the AI do anything.

              In some cases, if you allocate funds to infrastructure, you'll get the occasional Soil Enrichment, Hydroponics or whatever.

              With this stopped DEA business, I've been able to confirm that it isn't a function of population, at least not always. I have a game going now, where one planet has plenty of population, lots of unemployed, and hung up for five turns after building six DEAs. At the time, the planet had more population than another planet with 10 working DEAs.
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                Different DEAs have different poulation needs in order to staff them. This might be the problem you're seeing, and why it isn't easy to spot the pattern.


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                  Ive seen this happen too. There wasnt any apparent reason why the DEAs would not build. I canceled all the DEA and just set 1 to build and it would never start building. There was plenty of population and the region it was in was plenty fertile/whatever for it to build but it would never start being built.Wierd. I only saw this after I started micromanaging in more detail.


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                    What is the reason that sometimes the DEA is showing -1rounds to complete? Is it because of something else than just the production? Lack of people perhaps...?


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                      Have you all made sure your "Normal Economic Development" sliders are pushed up from 0%? I had this problem, and nudging up the NED funds seemed to cure it.