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Did none of the beta testers 2k7

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  • Did none of the beta testers 2k7

    Ever encounter one of those accursed Direct X Surface Unavailable errors?

    I will agree that the Beta testers aren't responsible for the cruddy interface and the screwed up AI (I won't agree they weren't responsible for 150 Transports or not noticing the PD bug). But, did any of them ever encounter the Direct X errors?

    How could they have tested this ... thing without encountering one of those errors?

    What did they do when they were testing this piece of crap? Was their charge to make it past 100 turns?

    Hell the slightest little hiccup in the OS will cause a Direct X error when you get past 400 turns.

    I'm about sick of this game and I'm certainly sick of the incompenents at QS.

    And still no GD patch!!!
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