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  • A Few Quick Questions

    Just checking to see if anyone has stumbled across the answers to these questions.

    1) Do stationed ground troops quial unrest at all?

    2) The manual states that Rec DEAs in addition to quailing unrest also produce cash from tourism; is this money significant enoung to balance them with goverment DEAs?

    3) Is there any reason to retire a spy after he is captured instead of hoping he escapes?
    "Power doesn't corrupt; it merely attracts the corruptable"

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    Good questions, I hope you get valid answers.


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      1) How do you station ground troops? I have no idea. Every troops you build goes into the reserve. Buildings like Government and Military DEA can help quell unrest.

      2) A lot of factors affect income from tourism like essentric orbit or space port. Worthwhile if the planet is a tourism haven. I believe Government DEA cost more and require more workers. You only need one per system. Better off building recreation DEA to make people happy.

      3) So the spy don't talk about you. Should change it to suicide.


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        1. No. I've conquered planets and had roughly nine full squads of battleoids left over and watched unrest climb to revolt levels.
        2. They do produce cash but I'm not sure how much. The base unrest they cancel appears to be equal to that of a government dea but I don't know how specials balance that.
        3. I always leave 'em and see what they do. I've had a military spy break free and cause massive destruction for three additional turns before committing suicide to avoid capture. Besides, if they caught him, they probably know where he came from so there's no need to retire him.

        If you go to the military screen when a planets selected, I think you can create a ground team that stays planetside. I've never tried it, though.


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          1) you can assign troops to any owned planet from the system view screen. I haven't personally done this, but recently saw it. Yet another big lack in the manual.


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            Thanks for the help

            BlueDEvil: I've created 'stationed' ground units like Harry has discribed. Military tab in the planet screen; create ground force; will physically put the troops you select as a defense force on the planet. Nice thing is you don't need a mobilization center to do these, bad thing is you don't need to do this since the Ai very rarely assalts planets with troops (only seen it happen to me twice)

            I guess troops don't quell (spelled it right this time, not as sleepy as before ) unrest, I hadn't noticed any effect but thought I may have missed it somewhere, thanks for the confirmation.

            I think I'll play around with a Rec DEA planet when I get a spare planet in my next game and see if I can turn it into a 'L'il Vegas' so I can roll in cash, will let ya'll know if it works or is just a waste of sectors.

            That's sorta what I'm wondering... If your capured spies "spill the beans" and if they do.. what info does that give your opponent. since I don't recall any SitRep reports of my counter-intellegince putting the squeeze on spies I've capured and getting anything useful from it. It just tells me they're trying to make them talk. I'm wondering if there is a negitive effect. Maybe someone can clarify this a little more?
            "Power doesn't corrupt; it merely attracts the corruptable"


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              Troops don't quell unrest, but they do stop a revolt. You definitely need them should unrest level reach 3. I have a problem on one of my planet because the residents despise Nommo. There seem no way to please them. I can't move those Nommo away either.