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  • getting real about moo3

    The first thing i want to say is that this game is not a clone of moo1 or moo2 with better graphics, and who would want it to be ? Apart form being a continuation of the story line of moo2 this game should be considered a totally new game, without having to be compared to the previous two.
    Therefore on that basis.
    Who can name a game that was perfect to everybody straight out of the box?
    There never has been, & there never will be.
    Take moo2 for example There were at least 3 patches for that game, before it was really good, or civ 3, it has had 3 patches, & is only really good now (if you like civ type games) because there are so many good mods for it. That did not stop me enjoying the new challenges in civ from day 1, & the same applies to moo3. To all the galciv fans It won’t be perfect out of the box either.
    As for the complaints.
    How many games out now that are so easily modified ? The only advantage of being in a country where the game is not released on the same day as in the US is that there is so many good mods already available for this game. Ie: if you go to the web site you will find mods for.
    Fixing the fonts
    Changing the blue graphics’
    Updates to the encyclopedia text
    Updates to the tech descriptions
    Updates to Enemy AI to make them more aggressive etc.
    It is only after a game is released, that you thousands of game players, all putting the game thru its paces, that you find out where a game needs to be tweaked / updated / patched. QS could have hard coded all aspects of this game making it impossible for it to be moded, but they didn’t. Therefore by the end of next week there will be even more mods etc. for this game.
    Finally what is really important about this game is, what is QS going to do about all the comments made in these forums. Will the first patch be a panacea for the game, I doubt it, but I hope it will cover all of the areas, that have been tweaked by the various mods created so far.

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    I agrees with you on this. When I started playing playing games on the computer there where only afew startup computer makeing games. They where playable on the simple computer of the day right out of the box with no bugs. They where simple basic game compare to the one today. There where no internet like today to download patches and mod.
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