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Troop transports and troops - help!

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  • Troop transports and troops - help!

    I haven't used troop transports until now (turn 180) in my first game. I made a new troop transport ship with 12 transport pods in it (total 48 troops). I designed my first army from the galaxy map, then it brought me to the transport task force screen (saying I needed space for 31 troops). No problem. Thinking "48 capacity for each ship, 31 needed for each army, if I make this task force with 4 mission ships I'll be able to hold 6 armies" I made my transport task force with 4 of my troop transport ships. Went and made another army, and now it won't let me select that other task force - it is FORCING me to make a new task force. WHY? I've got TONS of space in that other task force - how can I select the old task force? Secondly, how can I get ground troops FROM a planet TO a transport?

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    You can't put troops into an already created task force. You create the ground task force, then the transport task force. One screen right after the other.

    The land troops on a planet, first you but eliminate all defenses from space (e.g. everything that attacks your ships), and then you assault the planet. Remember not to cede control of these things or nothing significant will happen.


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      The only way to get troops from a planet to a ship is the way you have already posted.

      If you want an army off a planet, go to the ground forces screen and disband it, that will put them back into the reserves in a few turns. From there it's a matter of creating a new troop transport TF from any system with a mobilization center, like you've arleady done.

      sidenote: You CAN station how ever many troops you want on any planet you control by using the ground force tab, whether you have a mobilization center there or not. Although this isn't very useful as the AI VERY RARELY will assault a planet. (Have had it happen to me only twice, or about once per 'real' game)
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        personally the whole getting the ground forces on ships and **** like that is so fing anoying because u can only use transport ships once which is so stupid what the hell is the point?