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  • Scanners, ECM, ECCM - Confused

    Ok, I have a bunch of questions about these :
    1) ECM/ECCM stack - do scanners ? ( i.e. will putting 10 on a ship let me see other ships further out than putting 1 on will ? If not will having 1 on 10 ships see further than having 1 on 1 ship and none on 9 ships ? )
    2) What does ECM do anyway ? The description suggests it reduces the chance of enemy weapons hitting you if they are within a particular range, however does this apply to enemy missiles ?
    3) What is the scanner value ? It says stuff like targetting sensors x0.7 rather than something obvious like detection range x1.1 - what does targetting sensors x0.7 actually mean ?
    4) Presumably ECCM is of no use if the enemy has no ECM ?

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    Re: Scanners, ECM, ECCM - Confused

    1- it appears they do not, you can only enhance them.
    2- they are jammers that try to disrupt someones systems and make it hard for them to track you.
    3-pure guess, but I would say they are multipliers to the range the scanner has. So it would be a 70% boost to your cuurent tech.
    4- correct
    Of course I may be all wrong, it is nothing more than my best guess.


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      From what I have gathered, all ECCM/ECM/ and Detection arrays only affect how far you can see.

      Your visible range for each TF is Standard viewing distance * ECCM modifiers * Detection array modifiers * Enemy ECM modifier.

      Stacking does not help.